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MectaACL SB Product Catalogue NOTE The MectaACL SB Set allows to perform the surgical steps described in this product catalogue.

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MectaACL SB Product Catalogue 1. GR AFT EXTR ACTION AND PREPAR ATION If an autologous tendon is used, harvest the graft using a tendon stripper within Medacta System. Both closed (Ref. and open (Ref. configurations are available. Position the tendon on the preparation table (Ref. for the cleaning and reinforcement phase. The preparation table is composed of a plastic cleaning panel (Ref., two graft clamps (Ref., a loop sizer (Ref., a support dedicated to Medacta Extracortical Femoral Button (Ref....

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Rotate the device counterclockwise to stabilize it on the preparation table (it will only rotate in one direction). Slide the instrument to the desired position. To properly evaluate the length of the button loop, the instrument has to lie flat against the femoral button support (image 7). To disassemble the device, rotate the instrument 90° degrees clockwise within the preparation table rail (it will only rotate in one direction) and remove it. 2. GR AFT SIZE EVALUATION The graft sizer has holes to help evaluate the reinforced graft diameter while the graft is assembled on the preparation...

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MectaACL SB Product Catalogue 3. TIBIAL TUNNEL CREATION Tibial Aimer The tibial aimer is used to create a tunnel in the tibial bone in correspondence with the ACL tibial insertion site. TIBIAL AIMER LOCKING LEVER The tibial aimer (Ref. has an adjustable angle (from 45° up to 70°) between the drill axis (tunnel axis) and the tibial plateau reference plane (tip reference). BULLET LEVER 12. A dedicated cannulated bullet (Ref. has to be assembled with the aiming arc to create the tibial tunnel. Its design prevents accidental disassembly during usage. 14. With...

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Dilator With Quick Connection Handle The dilator (from Ref. up to Ref. can be used to dilate both femoral and tibial tunnels. Each dilator is cannulated in order to slide along a Ø2.4 mm k-wire. Different sizes are available (head diameter from Ø6 mm up to Ø12 mm, by 0.5 mm increments) and must be selected according to the size of the reinforced graft. Slide Hammer The slide hammer (Ref. has been designed with a self-locking mechanism to be coupled with the quick connection handle. It enables easy removal of the dilator in case of significant...

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MectaACL SB Product Catalogue 4. FEMOR AL TUNNEL CREATION Femoral Aimer The femoral aimer is used to properly place a Ø2.4 mm k-wire (Ref. in the femoral bone. It features circumferential laser markings and a tip that enables direct visualisation of the ACL insertion site and a nose which ensures a proper fit on the femoral condyle. Microfracture The microfracture (Ref. is used to pierce the bone surface. It features a 60° tip. Different versions are available according to the preferred surgical approach (anteromedial or transtibial). Anteromedial approach: 20....

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Cannulated Headed Reamers The cannulated headed reamers (from Ref. up to Ref. and Ref. are designed to slide along a Ø2.4 mm k-wire and are used for femoral and tibial tunnels overdrilling. The cannulated headed reamers are available in 16 sizes (from Ø4.5 mm up to Ø12 mm with 0.5 mm increments). 5. GR AFT FIX ATION Screwdriver The screwdriver is used to properly place the Medacta PEEK interference screw (MectaScrew PEEK), ensuring the appropriate fixation of the graft. Both cannulated and noncannulated versions are available. In case of a...

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MectaACL SB Product Catalogue Nitinol Guidewire The Nitinol guidewire (Ref. is used to guide cannulated screwdrivers during insertion. Designed with rounded edges, 385 mm in length and 1.1 mm in diameter. 27. NOTE: the Nitinol guidewire is available only with cannulated screwdrivers. Chisel The chisel (Ref. is used to create bone wedges.

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6. INSTRUMENT TRAYS Metal trays designed with dedicated brackets to contain the instruments of the set. The MectaACL SB Set (Ref. is available in different configurations. Femoral aimers are customizable according to the chosen surgical approach (anteromedial or transtibial). If cannulated screwdrivers are chosen, the tray is completed with 0 1.1 mm Nitinol guidewires. Sports Medicine - Knee General Tray Sports Medicine - Knee Preparation Table Tray MectaACL SB Tray - Transtibial Approach & Cannulated MectaACL SB Tray - Transtibial Approach & NonCannulated Screwdrivers, w/o...

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MectaACL SB Product Catalogue

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MectaACL SB Product Catalogue

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Part numbers subject to change. NOTE FOR STERILISATION The instrumentation is not sterile upon delivery. It must be cleaned before use and sterilised in an autoclave in accordance with the regulations of the country, EU directives where applicable and following the instructions for use of the autoclave manufacturer. For detailed instructions please refer to the document "Recommendations for cleaning decontamination and sterilisation of Medacta International orthopaedic devices” available at

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Medacta International SA Strada Regina - 6874 Castel San Pietro - Switzerland Phone +41 91 696 60 60 - Fax +41 91 696 60 66 Find your local dealer at: All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This document is not intended for the US market. Please verify approval of the devices described in this document with your local Medacta representative. MectaACL Single Bundle Product Catalogue ref: 99.102.180 rev. 04 Last update: October 2019

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