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Medecom DICOM 2 PaperMove from Film to paper Simple Affordable Efficient DICOM Print Server Features & Benefits ✓ The demo mode has full features ✓ A reference image is used to see changes ✓ Set up configuration allows: ■ To keep tracking of any printing job ■ Unlimited printing profiles for any modality (Print and Store) ■ To choose a language: English, Spanish or French ■ To define all profile's including logo position, free text position, printer, sheet mode or booklet mode, image filters, patient demographic data ■ To archive of printing jobs configurable by user ✓ Easy Connection: ■ Runs on any Windows computer ■ Run the server within 5 minutes ■ Connection to any modality with no limitation ■ Add unlimited modalities (at no extra cost) ✓ Printing preparation: ■ Patient data reconciliation with worklist ■ Any configuration made to printer is used by the software (recto-verso, color, B&W...) ■ Images are processed with filters (brightness, contrast, gamma, invert, linear LUT, spline LUT) ■ Printing in color or not is automatically based on percentile of color pixels in the image ■ Print scale ration 1/1 ■ Report integration ■ The printing jobs are saved, and user can print them later by changing profile ✓ Printing capabilities ■ Print medical images on any layout (A4, A3, booklet) ■ In booklet mode we can define blank pages as placeholders for report, CD or any document V___J Medecom is a private French company, established in 2000. Medecom counts more than 4,000 installations in 30 countries through a strong distributor network & OEM partnerships. "^^fedecom 9 Bis Rue de Kerbrat 29470 Plougastel-Daoulas - France Tel +332. www.medecom.fr/en For more information Send a mail to info@medecom.fr

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