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Me d Archive & C l i p p e r Archiving & Communication solution How does Medecom’s solution respond to the radiologists needs for storage and Communication? Features ✓ A Web interface for administration ✓ Secure archive solution scalable upon needs Med Archive & Clipper share the same web interface. The solution receives images from different modalities and allows routing to DICOM C store compliant workstations according to the content of the DICOM fields. This distribution of the images on the workstations where they are needed can be set automatically to improve productivity for the radiology center as well as the exchange between healthcare professionals. It also manages reports from RIS in HL7 or in DICOM structured reports. ✓ Share radiology studies from radiology centers with General Practitioners, specialists & patients ✓ Electronic format of the patients’ exams: no need for films or CDs The web interface offers remote access to identified users and ease communication amongst healthcare professionals on duty. The communication is encrypted to ensure a secured transfer. DICOM images can be visualized and an access to different tools eases manipulations of the images. ✓ Possibility to create reports ✓ Information available rapidly 24/7 from anywhere ✓ Full traceability Workflow Radiology centers Modalities Secured Remote access General Practitioners Secured Archiving system Secured Web based communication system Medecom is a private French company, created in 2000. Medecom counts more than 4 000 installations in 30 countries through a strong distribution network & OE

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Med Archive & ClipperArchiving & Communication solution / \ Technical requirements ✓ RAID 5 or 6 ✓ Windows server 2012, 2016, 2019 ✓ Fast internet connection ✓ Back Up storage (NAS) VJ ✓ DICOM server which receives images from the different modalities (CR, DR, MG, CT, MRI, US, XA, NM...) ✓ Native DICOM images are archived for long term storage ✓ HSM management of the archive (Hierarchical Storage Management) optimizes the hard drive space of the images considering how long they have been archived for. ✓ Patient & study administration and management manually or by HL7 ✓ Supports DICOM Store,...

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