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Diagnostic Workstation for Mammography Multimodality : Mammo – Tomosynthesis – MRI – Radiology - Ultrasound, viewed on a single station Vendor neutral, independent from equipment manufacturers Access the Current & PRIOR studies for direct comparison Customized hanging protocols to fit users’ habits Large set of dedicated tools : Quad Zoom, symmetrical magnifying glasses, panning, shutters, edge detection, invert video, image processing applications, measurement tools Specific tomosynthesis assets : Ruller to browse into slices, easy mark of interested slice for quick access or print Indexation of pathological images and export as JPEG/AVI available for presentation or creation of library of interesting case study 2D/3D CAD Support How is Med Mammo integrated in the workflow ? How does Med Mammo benefit your diagnosis ? Med Mammo is a premium diagnostic workstation which combines ease of use and high performances. Med Mammo meets DICOM Standards, IHE and is a vendor neutral workstation optimizing the radiologists’ workflow. Multiple exams can be viewed on a single workstation. Med Mammo is part of a cost effective solution for radiology centers offering space optimization, time management improvement and high patient’s quality diagnosis. Developed to respond to DICOM & HL7 standards and thanks to the outstanding functionalities such as auto fetching, Push, Auto Push, Routing, Print and Burn. Med Mammo is set to communicate to all software within its environment. PACS (any) or Medecom solutions Med Archive & Clipper Any Workstations Robot burner Print Medecom is a private French company, created in 2000. Medecom counts more than 4,000 installations in 30 countries through a strong distribution ne

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Me d Ma m m o Diagnostic Workstation for Mammography Workstation Display R User friendly and intuitive study manager R Customized keypad leads to easy navigation through the hanging protocols R Shortcut mouse clicks give access to the most used tools right away R High quality medical grade 5MP monitors from any suppliers. R US & MRI additional studies on Color Monitor Tomosynthesis module Med Mammo is designed to support any Breast Tomosynthesis exams, giving the opportunity to radiologists to visualize on one single workstation all exams related to the patient. When tomosynthesis images...

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