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M e d Vet Flat panel solutions for Veterinary ✓ Upgrade analog system to Digital ✓ Several flat panel sizes available : 10 x 12 - 14 x 17 - 17 x 17 ✓ Robustness & light weight ease manipulation ✓ AED : for automated exposure detection, free from direct link to generator ✓ Efficient process adapted to large & small animals ✓ Fast acquisition of high-quality images ✓ Possibility to store up to 300 images and easy WiFi communication with the station ✓ User friendly acquisition workstation also allowing : • Worklist management • Access to preset or customized acquisition protocols per animal types • Image processing • Grab Dose Area Product (DAP) • Stitching module available • Measurements & annotations ✓ Workflow optimization, Automated Push action to PACS, Print or burn Flat panel detector With AED A versatile workstation More than a simple acquisition workstation of high-quality images, Med Vet offers very efficient functionalities : ✓ A dialog box allows to enter the demographic information of the animal (owner, name, size, weights, gender...) ✓ Standard tools such as windowing, zoom, shutter, distance and angle measurements (opened and Closed angles), rotations, video invert as well as preset annotations and drawing possibilities. ✓ High performance image processing applied manually or set towards user's habits or specifically towards exam requirements. ✓ Windows or DICOM printings available, measurements and ZOOM can be specifically indicated on prints. More than 20 Printing lay outs are available. ✓ All data are securely archived for easy access at any time. ✓ CD/DVD can be burned directly from the station ✓ The graphical user interface can easily be customized towards OEM requirements. Automated Exposure detection Acquisition WorkstationOn tablet/ Laptop / PC June 2020 Medecom is a private French company, created in 2000. Medecom counts more than 4 000 installations in 30 countries through a strong distribution network & OEM partnerships. For more information please contact us at ”^^?edecom 9Bis Rue de Kerbrat 29470 Plougastel-Daoulas - France

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