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MedGyn Cryotherapy System MGC-200™ The MedGyn Cryotherapy System was designed by physicians and engineered by cryogenic experts to ensure safety, performance and convenience. The MedGyn Cryo has superior technology combined with a 3-position trigger to deliver optimal cryosurgical temperatures. A wide variety of autoclaveable tips is available. The device works with Nitrous Oxide (N2O) or Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas and has standard specific adaptors. Features & Benefits • Extensive choice of autoclaveable tips allows changing of tips during use or when tank is on with gas flowing • Valve body is designed and manufactured for longer life (tested to 3000 PSI) • Automatically purges with every cycle and uses 60 micron in-line filters to provide continous cleanliness • Capture ‘O’ ring design provides a positive gas seal where tip screws into probe stem,thus preventing blown ‘O’ rings •

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Innovative Technology • HUMAN ENGINEERED FEATURES: perfect balance, comfortable handle with hose exit at base, the ability to relax fingers from trigger during procedure, and trigger shape provide optimal comfort and convenience to both physician and patient. • BUILT-IN REGULATORS control and reduce pressure at tip providing constant performance level at varying gas pressures and key bleed tank for added economy and safety. • Total single-hand control form the three-position trigger. Trigger automatically latches in ‘freeze’ position, permitting fingers relax during procedure. The trigger...

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MedGyn Cryo Tips Safe, interchangeable, autoclaveable tips are made from a conductive gold alloy, resulting in very rapid freeze and defrost capabilities. Designed to allow for change-out without the need to shut off gas flow, reducing risk of blown “O” ring. 019002/2507 Cryotherapy Tip GT-2507 Endo/Exocervical, Large 019002/2500 Cryotherapy Tip Tip GT-2500 Exocervical, 25mm Flat 019002/1910 Cryotherapy Tip Tip GT-1910 Endo/Exocervical, Small 019002/1905 Cryotherapy Tip GT-1905 Exocervical, Convex (19mm X 5mm) 019002/1900 Cryotherapy Tip GT-1900 Exocervical, 19mm Flat 019002/0811...

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019008 French Adapter for CO2 019016 French Adapter for N2O 019009 German Adapter for CO2 019012 German Adapter for N2O 019010 British Adapter for CO2 019011 British Adapter for N2O 019015 Chinese Adapter for CO2 019014 US Adapter for CO2 (20 lbs) 019013 US Adapter for N2O (20 lbs) 019017 US Adapter For N20 (6lb) 019018 US Adapter For CO2 (6 lb) TRUSTED PRODUCTS FOR PREMIER WOMEN’S HEALTHCARE MEDGYN PRODUCTS, INC. 100 W. Industrial Rd. Addison, IL 60101 USA t: +1 630.627.4105 toll-free: 800.451.9667 f: +1 630.627.0127 e: w:

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