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MedGyn Blue Titanium Instruments Used for the retraction of vaginal walls and made to fit inside any standard speculum to expand beyond blades of speculum. Allows for greater exposure of cervix for safer, easier access. 030970 Lateral Vaginal Wall Retractor Blue Titanium Used for the inspection of the endocervical canal and helps delineate the uppermost limits of the dysplastic and/or CIS lesion. 030205 Endocervical Speculum Blue Titanium Used for dual purposes. First it supplies curettage where the endocervical canal is narrow. It also acts as a cervical dilator and is most appropriate when there is a complete or partial cervical stenosis. The tip may be gently inserted through the OS, advancing and rotating at the same time. 030316 Spiral Endocervical Curette Blue Titanium

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MedGyn’s Cervical Dilator Sets are manufactured from high quality, German stainless steel and feature sizes to fit every patient. Cervical dilators are ideal for gynecological procedures where gradual dilaton of the cervix is necessary and are used for nulliparous patients or those with a stenotic cervical . The mini dilator set has five tips in half millimeter increments with a universal handle. 030779BT Mini Dilator Set Blue Titanium TRUSTED PRODUCTS FOR PREMIER WOMEN’S HEALTHCARE MEDGYN PRODUCTS, INC. 100 W. Industrial Rd. Addison, IL 60101 USA t: +1 630.627.4105 toll-free: 800.451.9667...

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