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MedGyn Laminaria MEDGYN PRODUCTS, INC. 100 W. Industrial Rd. Addison, IL 60101 USA t: +1 630.627.4105 toll-free: 800.451.9667 f: +1 630.627.0127 e: w:

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MedGyn’s Laminaria is an all-natural, disposable, and sterile cervical dilator made from a aquatic plant. It contains no synthetic materials, making it 100% biodegradable. Safely used for over a century, Laminaria provides gradual dilation of the cervix. Features & Benefits Gentler than traditional cervical dilators, Laminaria gives maximum comfort to patients as the cervix is dilated over the course of hours or days. Once inserted into the cervical canal, Laminaria absorbs liquid, swelling to several times its initial diameter. Additional Laminaria can be inserted side-by-side until the...

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Instructions for use: Laminaria should be considered whenever cervical dilation and/or softening of the cervix is necessary. It is ideal in the following cases: • Cervical stenosis • • • • • • • Gradual induction of labor Diminution of risk of uterine perforation during hysteroscopy Alleviation of cervical stenosis Ease of insertion and removal of intrauterine devices Facilitation of insertion of radium Dysmenorrhea Minimizing pain of cervical dilation prior to endometrial or uterine procedures Standard, approx. Length 60mm With Button (prevents over-insertion) 021002 Laminaria #2 Small...

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