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MedGyn Electrosurgery Instruments Speculums All MedGyn Lletz instruments have a durable coating designed to insulate against transmission of electrical current, ensuring the highest level of protection for patients and physicians. 030917-LTZ XLong Snowman Clinton 038044 Medium, Right Side Open 038044-LT Medium, Left Side Open 038045 Large, Right Side Open 0308045-LT Large, Left Side Open

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MedGyn Lletz Instruments - 2

Lletz Pederson Vu-More 038100 Medium 115mm 038050-ANG Right Side Open Medium Angled Closed 038052 Right Side Open Large 038052-ANG Right Side Open Large Angled Closed 038051 Left Side Open 1 1/4" x 4"-32mm x102mm 038051-ANG Left Side Open Medium Angled Closed 038053 Left Side Open Large 038053-ANG Left Side Open Large Angled Closed

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MedGyn Lletz Instruments - 3

Lletz Lateral Vaginal Wall Retractor 038060 038061 038062 038063 Closed 1/2” Open 1” Open Wide Open Lletz Four-Way Lateral 038093 Lletz Kogan Endocervical 038057 038058 Lletz Forester Forceps 038071 Straight 0380

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MedGyn Lletz Instruments - 4

Forceps & Tenaculums Lletz Tenaculum Hook 038080 Emmet Tenaculum 038081 Iris Tenaculum Hook Lletz Dressing Forceps 038082 038092 Lletz Tissue Forceps 038090 Small 8”-203mm 038091 Large 10”-254mm TRUSTED PRODUCTS FOR PREMIER WOMEN’S HEALTHCARE MEDGYN PRODUCTS, INC. 100 W. Industrial Rd. Addison, IL 60101 USA t: +1 630.627.4105 toll-free: 800.451.9667 f: +1 630.627.0127 e: w: LLETZ

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