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MedGwZ — MTA-100 Thermal Ablation System Products, Inc. In 2019, the WHO issued new guidelines for the use of thermal ablation for cervical pre-cancer lesions. While they continue to recommend cryotherapy, the WHO has offered thermal ablation as an alternative method of treatment for specific environments. MedGyn is pleased to announce its latest device: MedGyn's MTA-100 Thermal Ablation System. The device is a portable, lightweight device for the treatment of pre-cancerous lesions optimized for 20, 40, or 60 second intervals of treatment. • Offers 20, 40, or 60 second intervals • Bright LED lights for clear viewing of cervical area • Digital display details the temperature at all stages during the procedure • Durable and ergonomic handle for ease of use • 25mm tip offers larger treatment area • 5 types of interchangable gold alloy tips) • Sound and light activation for beginning and end of procedure MEDGYN PRODUCTS, INC. 100 W. Industrial Rd. Addison, IL 60101 USA t: +1 630.627.4105 toll-free: 800.451.9667 f: +1 630.627.0127 e: w:

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Comparison of Thermal Ablation, Cryotherapy and Electrosurgery Thermal Ablation Equipment Required Device Only Power Treatment for Dysplasia Battery Operated Generator, Electrodes, Smoke Evacuator Electricity Required CIN 1, 2, 3 CIN 1, 2 Visual Inspection w/ Acetic Acid Yes Provides Biopsy No Used in See-and-Treat Clinics Yes Expertise and Training Low Complexity of Procedure Low MedGyn MTA-100 Tips Interchangeable, autoclaveable tips are made from a conductive gold alloy, that allows for treatment of various pre-cancerous lesions. 018003/2507 MedGyn MTA-100 Tip GT-2507 Endo/Exocervical,...

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