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Innovative Products for OB/GYN Professionals

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Company Profile MedGyn specializes in providing unique, high-quality medical devices for Obstetrics and Gynecology professionals. Our product lines include sterile disposable medical devices (single-use), stainless steel instruments, equipment, diagnostic test kits and various OB/GYN procedure kits. MedGyn's products are used in OB/GYN physician offices, multipractice clinics and hospitals. For over four decades MedGyn has been a preferred provider of OB/GYN devices throughout the world. Our company has earned a reputation for high-quality products preferred by OB/GYN physicians.

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Colposcopes MedGyn AL-106 HDTM and AL-106TM Digital Video Colposcopes Different from the traditional optical colposcopes, the AL-106HDTM and AL-106TM are digital colposcopes with an LED light source to ensure ultra-bright visualization and a long life cycle. Its unique optical precision and multiple filters ensures high-definition images and improved visualization of blood vessels. 010466-HD MedGyn AL-106 High Definition Digital Video Colposcope* 010466SA-HD MedGyn AL-106 High Definition Digital Video Colposcope with Swing Arm* High Definition 1.43M pixels (440K for AL-106) Extra-bright...

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Product Catalog - 5

Colposcopes MedGyn Digital Video Colposcopes The MedGyn AL-106B™ and AL-106 BWL are digital colposcopes that provide similar features as the AL-106 HD and AL-106 but are more affordable options. The AL-106 BWL is also a battery operated wireless colposcope useful in remote areas with limited access to electricity. Battery operated and wireless High-resolution 440,000 pixels Bright multi-point LED light source 1x - 54x zoom magnification (36x for AL-106 BWL) Ultra-fast auto focus technology Manual focus option Image freeze button Built-in video capability Green light filter button 010471...

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Product Catalog - 6

Colposcopes MedGyn Image and Data Management Software Designed for use with our AL-106 series Colposcopes, MedGyn’s Image & Data Management Software allows for the capture and management of colposcopy images into a self-contained patient record. The user-friendly software includes a large offering of standard examination and diagnosis templates, but is easily customized to specific clinical requirements and preferences. This software will automatically create a variety of report options which may include single or multiple colposcopy images. Image Annotation Image Measurement Full video...

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Colposcopes MedGyn AL-105 and AL-105Z Colposcopes MedGyn's AL-105 and AL-105Z Colposcopes are 5-step colposcopes with precision computer designed optics. It is different from the Pro series as the cameras are not integrated, but can be combined with the MedGyn Image and Data Management System. M 010500 edGyn AL-105 Colposcope (5-Step Magnification) • Five-step magnification 3x, 4x, 7x, 11x, 17x • Built-in LED light source with patented integration module • Ultra-bright light with continuous illumination adjustment • High-contrast images: Excellent stereoscopic effect • Great depth of field...

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Colposcopes MedGyn AL-102 and AL-101 Colposcopes MedGyn's basic stereoscopic colposcopes AL-102, and AL-101 have become the industry standard by combining high-quality lens systems with easy maneuverability at an attractive price. A 010200 MedGyn L-102 Colposcope • Interchangeable eyepieces @ 10x, 13.5x,18x • 3-position illumination settings • Complete video and camera system adaptability • Green filter • Base with locking caster wheels 010199 MedGyn L-101 Colposcope A • 1-step magnification: 16x • High-definition image • 12.5x eyepieces, 1 fixed/1 moveable • Green filter • Adjustable stand...

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Cryotherapy Cryotherapy MedGyn MGC-200 Cryotherapy System MedGyn Cryotherapy System is designed by physicians and engineered by cryogenic experts to ensure safety, performance and convenience. The MedGyn Cryotherapy System has superior technology combined with a 3-position single trigger to deliver optimal cryosurgical temperatures. A wide variety of autoclavable tips is available. The equipment works with Nitrous Oxide (N2O) or with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas and has standardspecific adaptors. 019000 edGyn Cryotherapy System MGC-200 (tips not included) M • • • • • • Single-hand control from...

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Cryotherapy MedGyn Cryotherapy Tips Safe, interchangeable, autoclavable tips are made from a conductive gold alloy, resulting in very rapid freeze and defrost capabilities. Designed to allow for change-out without the need to shut off gas flow, reducing risk of blown “O” ring. 019002/2507 edGyn Cryotherapy Tp M i GT-2507 Endo/Exocervical Large 019002/2500 edGyn Cryotherapy Tp M i GT-2500 Exocervical, 25mm Flat 019002/1910 edGyn Cryotherapy Tp M i GT-1910 Endo/Exocervical Small 019002/1900 MedGyn Cryotherapy Tip GT-1900 Exocervical, 19mm Flat 019002/1905 MedGyn Cryotherapy Tip GT-1905...

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Product Catalog - 11

Thermal Ablation System MedGyn MTA-100 Thermal Ablation System In 2019, WHO issued new guidelines for the use of thermal ablation for cervical pre-cancer lesions. While they continue to recommend cryotherapy, the WHO has offered thermal ablation as an alternative method of treatment for specific environments. MedGyn is pleased to announce its latest device: MedGyn’s MTA-100 Thermal Ablation System. The device is a portable, lightweight device for the treatment of pre-cancerous lesions optimized for 20, 40, or 60 second intervals of treatment. • Optimized to offer 20, 40, or 60 second...

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Product Catalog - 12

Electrosurgery MedGyn Electrosurgical Generators (ES Series) The MedGyn ES-100, ES-200, ES-300, ES-400 Electrosurgical Generator Series meet all demands for a LEEP/ LLETZ procedure. MedGyn’s generators feature both monopolar and bipolar functions to satisfy all surgical demands with safety, flexibility, reliability, and convenience. Pure cut and blend cut functions Contact coagulation and bipolar coagulation Displays output power digitally Allows operator to check output power easily during the procedure Power source: AC120V or AC230V, 50/60 Hz (manual switch) 018015 MedGyn ES-100:...

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