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MODEL 100 SERIES Mini Pulse Oximeters Two Configurations - Cordless or Cabled --------------Series 100 oximeters can be used with either the Intergral Sensors or with the Cable Adapter Module and a wide variety of adult and pediatric sensors. A patented feature permits an easy interchange between the two sensor configurations. Opening the Integral Sensor for finger placement automatically turns on the device. The large red LED display alternates between oxygen saturation and pulse rate every few seconds. Model 100 ---------------------------------------------------------The Model 100 is the basic spot checking mini oximeter of the series and can be relied upon for fast and accurate measurement. A single “AA” alkaline battery gives approximately 1200 spot checks (Duracell Ultra recommended). Model 100 with Integral Finger Sensor Model 130 ---------------------------------------------------------The Model 130 has memory to retain oxygen saturation and pulse rate data, and can operate in three different modes to best suit your needs: Equipment Specifcations --------------------------------------------------------Oxygen Saturation & Pulse Display Resolution Range Accuracy Response Time Update Time Three digit, seven segment LED Alternates between Oxygen Saturation and Pulse Rate SpO2 1% Pulse 1 BMP SpO2 20-100% Pulse 25-250 BMP _ SpO2 100 - 70%, + 2% _ 69 - 60%, + 3% less than 60% unspecified _ Pulse 25 - 200 BPM, + 2BPM or 2% (which ever is greater) _ Above 200, + 3% SpO2 8 sec for 80% of patients Pulse 8 sec for 80% of patients Continuous 3.45 oz, 98 gm with either Integral Finger Sensor or Cable Adapter Module (weight includes battery) 1. The Model 130 can retain up to 30 minutes of information for a single patient, making the device ideally suited for treadmill or other long tests. 2. The Model 130 can also be used in walk around tests, sorting data for up to 20 consecutive patients, tagging each reading with a patient number, time and date. 3. The Model 130 also includes expanded memory for sleep screening where data can be stored every 5 seconds for upto 10.5 hours. Data stored in any mode can be printed or quickly transferred by infrared to a personal computer. Model 130 with cable Adapter and Soft Sensor OxySoft pulse oximetry software is available on a CD-ROM and has been developed by Mediaid Inc. to display saturation and pulse rate data in a variety of helpful formats. OxySoft software enables the health care professional to present data in graphical or tabular format with relevant statistics. A zoom feature allows analysis in detail and comments may be added to the permanent file. --------------------------------------------------------Battery Type Battery Life one 1.5V “AA” Alkaline battery Approximately 1200 spot checks --------------------------------------------------------Model 100 & 130 each carry a two year warranty. (sensor and accessories not included) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------17517 Fabrica Way Suite H Cerritos,CA 90703 USA (Tel) 714-367-2848 (Fax) 714-367-2852 Specifications subject to change without notice.

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