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Model 960VP Series

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Veterinary Pulse Oximeter with NIBP, Temperature & Printer Option • Compact Pulse Oximetry System for monitoring Oxygen Saturation (Sp02), Pulse Rate (BPM), Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) and Temperature. • Bright, high resolution LCD screen to display the Pleth Waveform as well as the Sp02 and Pulse Rate readings. • Separate bright LED displays for systolic, diastolic and mean Blood Pressure readings. ' • Printer facility for printing reports immediately. • Accurate BP readings in less than 40 seconds. i 6 different languages option for easy access to clinicians Measurement Range: High resolution fluorescent backlit 240 x 64 LCD graphical screen for Pleth waveform, Sp02 and BPM readings Three 3-digit, bright 7-segment LED displays for Systolic, Diastolic and Mean BP readings Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Initial Inflation Pressure: Large Animal 160 mmHg (default) & Variable from 120-280 mmHg Small Animal 160 mmHg (default) & Variable from 60 - 280 mmHg Systolic Accuracy : Diastolic Accuracy : Mean Error less than ± 5 mmHg SD less than ±8 mmHg Mean Error less than ± 5 mmHg SD less than ±8 mmHg Pulse Oximetry and Heart Rate Reading Accuracy: Temperature Readings Patient Temp Range: Measurement Time: Electrical Ratings Battery type: Dependent on probe placement Normally within 60 sees. Rechargeable Internal battery with Sp02 and NIBP readings once every 10 minutes. Environmental conditions (Acceptable conditions for operating, storage and transport) Atmospheric Pressure: 770 - 282 mmHg Operating Temp: Physical Specifications

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