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Mediana ECG -E30,E40


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Mediana ECG -E30,E40 - 1

SMART ECG of MEDIANA The Name of Accuracy You will see the most easy operation environment with all digital advanced algorithm with up to data management solution with M-trend viewer !!

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Mediana ECG -E30,E40 - 2

E30 12lead Resting ECG with 3CH printing paper - LCD 4.3 inch Color TFT LCD - New Ergonomic design - Lead fail, Pacemaker pulse detection ection - Real time continuous recording 3, 6, 12CH g - Data Management SW for PC management - Accurate ECG engine with 2,000 sampling rate per Sec’ 0 - Fast & Advanced interpretative analysis with 134 messages e - Internal Memory, SD card memory available for data management mory E40 12lead Resting ECG with 6CH printing paper - Easy to use Touch Screen adapte adapted - Wide Angle LCD for 12CH wave form Display ( E40 plus ) Standard Accessories Optional...

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Mediana ECG -E30,E40 - 3

E40+ Advanced Interpretation & Analysis Sampling rate LCD Screen 2000 sampling rate 4.3 Inch color LCD Touch Screen Paper size Battery Memory capacity Internal /1GB SD card Enhanced Communication Module (optional) li-ion 10.8 V 2200mAh 100 basic report at Auto mode or 3hours continous printing without printing Wi-Fi, LAN, DICOM, ECG-SCP support

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Mediana ECG -E30,E40 - 4

All digitalized, 12-lead ECG system provides comprehensive ECG interpretation with practical modes which can meet the demands of hospital, clinics, any healthcare institutions and clinical research. Excellent Usability - New Ergonomic design - PC USB printer available ( ECM module optional ) - Touch screen key pad ( E40 plus ) - Powerful battery with excellent performance : Li-ion 2200mAh with 3hours operation Excellent Memory Capacity -High capacity data memory option : Internal 100 data, 1GB SD card with 5,000 data ( one data per 10sec’ ECG acquisition ) Anti-zamming Printer Guidance...

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Mediana ECG -E30,E40 - 5

Display Type Resolution Computerized Electrocardiograph Acquisition & Analysis Lead-Fail detection Pace pulse detection ECG Storage Dynamic Range Sampling Rate Frequency Response Common Mode Rejection Input Impedance Communication Enhanced Communication Module(Option) Firmware Update Filter Writer Type Numbers of Traces Speeds Gain Speed Accuracy Amplitude Accuracy PaperType/Size 12Leads simultaneously Yes Yes, (compliance with IEC 60601-2-25:2011 Internal: 100 ECGs(max), External(Option): 5000 ECGs in SD Card (SD/SDHC up to 4GB) AC differential: ±5mV / DC offset: ±300mV 2000...

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Mediana ECG -E30,E40 - 6

MEDIANA Electrocardiograph -Cost effective solution & simple touch operation procedure -Excellent workflow of acquisition, data management, analysis storage -Great connectivity thru Lan, IP addreess, DICOM & EMR transmission with remote data access -Remote data survaillance solution with IP address tracking -Various connectivity RS232, LAN, SD card, DICOM Health Care Solutions You Can Trust Mediana Seoul Office 53, Donggwang-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea (P.C: 137-830) Tel : +82-2-542-3375 Fax : +82-2-542-7447 Mediana Head Office / Factory / R&D 132, Donghwagongdan-ro, Munmak-eup, Wonju-si,...

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