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Automatical view · Segmentation ·  Precise planning · Individual prosthesis

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Your high-performance tool for hip surgery. mediCAD Hip® 3D opens up entirely new possibilities in terms of carrying out the anatomical assessment, planning and measurements of the hip, thereby implementing optimal, audit-compliant operation preparation. A modern and intuitive user interface that takes you straight to your objective and the usual, comfortable connection to an existing PACS system in your clinic are just two of the many reasons why mediCAD Hip® 3D is an indispensable tool for your day-to-day work. The most important performance characteristics are described on the following...

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Planning support and quality assurance mediCAD The Orthopedic Solution Let us present the solution, our sales team is happy to help and will answer any further questions you have. Tel.: +49 871 330 203-0 Email: Our systems are developed with doctors for doctors, which means the following for you and your patients: ■ mediCAD® is the first planning program in the world and is also the most used in the industry ■ The known planning methods are taken into account ■ Modular structure with high-performance add-on modules Quality care and concern for patients is the main concern...

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Import assistant / interactive help mediCAD Hip® 3D offers the freedom to save the location of your patient data and images wherever you like. You can load the images from PACS system via the new mediCAD® interface Query Client® as well as access a plan you have previously saved, allowing you to more quickly reach a work area for immediate processing. After selecting the respective location you wish to save, all of the available patient data in the selected folder and sub-folder are displayed in the working area of mediCAD Hip® 3D. open Planning Local Dicom Query Client While you are...

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Anatomical 3D and 2D view mediCAD Hip® 3D offers you numerous displays with an assortment of images and plans for the anatomical view. This software provides access to view the 3D image from a variety of perspectives, which is, at times, necessary. In addition to the 3D model, that can be viewed from all sides, you can also show individual 2D slices in an axial, sagittal or coronal plane. You can also display and view the 3Dmodel from several different directions at the same time. Furthermore, in order to better access the pathological condition, you can switch to the anatomical view....

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Bone segmentation and osteotomies Manual segmentation is an important component of preoperative planning in hip endoprosthesis. This segmentation can be used to freely display certain areas of the bone in a high-resolution, three-dimensional image. For example, segmentation can be used to make the femur more visible to determine the condition of the joint prior to surgery. When you set a cutting area, you can carry out an osteotomy and move or rotate the areas to be resected as needed. All of the dimensions are automatically adapted reflect the new dimensions. This allows simulation and...

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Simple and precise measurement methods The mediCAD Hip® 3D module supports you with hip endoprosthesis planning. A wide range of classical measurements can be carried out and recorded: • Precisely determine the center and the diameter of the socket • Precisely determine the center and the diameter of the hip joint • Automatically determines the femoral offset • Automatically determines the CCD angle • Determines differences in hip length • Determination of the acetabular anteversion • Calculation of the femoral anteversion • Acetabular offset • Distance and angle dimensioning The...

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Measurement of the pelvic tilt with the „Anterior pelvic plane“ (APP) The alignment of the hip joint components is very important in hip arthroplasty and hip replacement. For the alignment of the acetabulum, the pelvic coordinates are reconstructed on the 3D image. The anatomical landmarks are placed on the anterior superior iliac spine and the pubic tuberculum. Defining these landmarks creates the “anterior pelvic plane” (APP). The pelvic tilt is defined as the angle between this anterior pelvic plane (APP) and a vertical line in an upright position. Important interindividual variations of...

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3D hi p The implant configurator enables you to select various hip implants. You can filter your implants by manufacturer, type, material, size or simply your personal favourites. The implants you have selected and frequently used are compiled in a list of results with all relevant parameters and can therefore be used for further planning and preoperative preparation. More than 15 years of collaboration with a large number of international implant manufacturers means that mediCAD Hip® 3D includes the latest expertise. It also includes an implant database that is supplemented and updated...

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ROM (Range of Motion) simulation The abnormal shape of the bones that lead to hip impingement is sometimes not identified by classical radiology. The complex relationship between the shape of the cup shell, the shape of the femoral head and how these interact with one another during movement is difficult to picture without visual representation. Hip problems are dynamic and multidimensional. The current static imaging leaves a lot to the imagination. The simulation function in the planning software with movement simulations for hip impingement closes this gap. It offers an interactive 360°...

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Manufacturer information mediCAD Hip® 3D requires Windows 7/10, 64 Bit with .NET Framework 4.6.1 and a current process with at least 4 x 2.6 GHz and a RAM of at least 8 GB. Recommended display resolution: Full HD. No diagnostic monitor is required. mediCAD Hip® 3D is user friendly and you will be intuitively guided through the program. The software does not require any prior knowledge of computer programming and is easy to learn. All instructions are easy to access and clearly shown on the interface. Training generally takes approximately 3-4 hours. mediCAD Hectec GmbH is happy to offer you...

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