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SHOULDER  3D Automatic segmentation · Secure planning Customized implants · Simple & exact measurements

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precise preoperative 3D planning mediCAD Shoulder® 3D is an easy-to-use software solution that allows the surgeon to conveniently plan any case. The software allows you to draw different dimensions, select suitable implants and position these automatically in the correct position. A modern, intuitive user interface that takes you straight to your object and the familiar, convenient connection to an existing PAC system at your hospital are just two of the many features that make mediCAD Shoulder® 3D an indispensable tool for your daily work. The following are some of the upgraded features to...

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The Orthopedic Solution We would be happy to demonstrate our solution to you. Our sales team will gladly assist you and is available to answer any questions you may have. Greetings, It is not just the legislator, but your personal high quality standards, the quality consciousness of your hospital and the well-informed patient as well that expect a professional surgical preparation in the form of digital surgical planning by the doctor. The requirements of endoprosthetic certification, which is a seal of quality for your hospital, require that you provide qualified planning and audit-proof...

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Import assistant / Interactive help mediCAD Shoulder® 3D lets you select the storage location of your patient data or images with just one click. You can load the images, from the PAC system via our mediCAD® Query Client interface. You can also call up any previously stored plannings and load these immediately into the workspace for further editing. After selecting the respective storage location, all the available patient data that is located in the selected directory and subdirectory is then displayed in the mediCAD Shoulder® 3D screen. During your surgical planning, you will be provided...

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Anatomical 3D and 2D viewing mediCAD Shoulder® 3D provides you with various display views. Each image and each planning is different, has a different objective, or requires a different view. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to display the image data from a variety of perspectives. In addition to the 3D model, which can be viewed from all sides, you can also display individual 2D layers ("slices") in the axial, sagittal and coronal planes. You can also view and have the 3D model displayed from several different angles at the same time.

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Automatic bone segmentation and automatic resection Automatic segmentation is an important building block in preoperative planning for shoulder surgery. Segmentation displays the humerus of the glenoid as a high-resolution three-dimensional image. With the help of automatic segmentation, the displayed area can be better visualized in order to determine the condition of the joint and to resect the humeral head, for example. mediCAD Shoulder® 3D gives you two options when performing a resection. The first option permits automatic resection. The plane of the cut or the position of the...

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Customized implants All of our 3D modules, such as Hip® 3D, Spine® 3D, Knee® 3D and Shoulder® 3D, offer the entire range of modern preoperative planning for diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The customized implant is an important area of surface replacement, partial or total replacement of the joint. mediCAD Shoulder® 3D lets you segment the areas of the bone very precisely. You can save the segmented area or areas as a 3D file format. You can easily send the 3D file with the planning information to your customized implant manufacturer during or after the planning together with the...

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Implants Thanks to the convenient options provided by mediCAD Shoulder® 3D, the individual implant components can be assembled with the help of the implant configurator and placed into the 3D model (the patient’s CT recording). Additionally, the implants can be adjusted, rotated, moved or changed to another implant type either as a group or as individual objects. The implant configurator lets you select various shoulder implants. You can filter your implants according to manufacturer, type, material and size, or even list your personal or hospital favorites. The implants you have selected...

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Transparent view and implant-bone contact visualization Each image and each planning is different, has a different objective, or requires a different view. You can use the transparent view to better observe the implants used in their respective positions. It is often necessary to visually determine the condition of the bone at the planned implant position. Here, high and low density values can occur. Higher or lower primary stability can therefore be assumed when the implants are inserted. The distance visualization of the Hounsfield units can be used to create concepts for preoperative...

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Preoperative and postoperative views A digital planning with mediCAD Shoulder® 3D prepares you perfectly for the upcoming surgery. After careful planning, you will be able to depict the actual preoperative situation again visually and contrast this with the planned situation. Accordingly, you can now inform the patient in depth on how you would like to plan and perform the procedure. You thus create more trust and a feeling of security in the doctor-patient relationship. OR Viewer Optimal surgical preparation and preoperative planning are crucially important for achieving good...

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integration Effective immediately, the mediCAD® preoperative planning software includes Thieme eRef content. mediCAD® provides digital support to doctors when planning surgeries. In Thieme eRef, doctors receive comprehensive situational-based and case-based medical information from Thieme reference books and journals, as well as information from databases. Through the integration of eRef into the mediCAD® planning software, doctors can now access the contents in eRef at any point of their digital surgical planning. Use of eRef is free of charge for 14 days after registration.

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