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PDT, Inc. - creator of the Montana Jack®, started in my two car garage in 2000 with a dream. I wanted to bring hygienists fresh and improved products, based on observations, innovative ideas, new technology, and my 30 years in the dental industry. PDT instruments adapt to tooth surfaces better; making it more comfortable for your patients, faster, more efficient and comfortable for you. I named the company Paradise Dental Technologies because it was important to me that our employees, you and your patients have a great experience while working with us and our products - it should be...

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dvnatW'n fa the American Heart AMeaaU&n. www.pdtdental.com 800-240-9895

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PDT's H5 - L5 has achieved one of the highest acceptance ratings by a leading evaluation group. A '2 in V anterior instrument with an H5 straight sickle scaler on one end for deposit removal and interproximal access and a Langer 5 curette on the other end. The Langer 5 is shaped similar to an anterior Gracey, but it is a double-sided universal blade that greatly increases efficiency of overall instrument use. Adapts like the 204S with the same angulation but it is more rigid and has an extended reach for removal of tenacious calculus. Same contra angle as the Montana Jack, durable spring...

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Wingrove™ Ttianim Implant InUfumenfo Blades are solid USA medical-grade titanium. Get all three specially designed instruments; Wingrove B5-6 Ti R661, Wingrove L3-4 Ti R680, Wingrove N128-L5mini Ti R693 plus a T216 EasyView probe, a T005A-F FlipTop™ cassette and a dedicated Diamond Head Ceramic Stone for your R900 "Go-To" set. The complete set provides the best instrument selections to efficiently adapt to implants with narrow-based bulbous crowns, wide-based crowns, locater abutments, Hader bars and exposed threads. Sybron implant control photo Debris left from plastic scaler Competitor...

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Our smart methods of 100% made-in-the-USA manufacturing enable us to significantly improve the Gracey design in a way that practitioners can easily see and experience for themselves. PDT's new Amazing Graceys™ are designed for easier adaptation to the tooth surface with more efficient contact! The practitioner uses fewer strokes resulting in less stress on both the patient and the professional, and reduced patient chair-time. PDT GRACEY More efficient contact! LEADING COMPETITOR Hard to adapt Anterior • Highest quality 440A stainless steel • Unique heat treat and cryogenic formula Extended...

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★ Gracey 13-14 R028 Available in rigid - R028R These quadrant - specific Gracey designs help with efficiency by reducing the number of times instruments need to be picked up and put down. Gracey 11-14 R034 Available in rigid - R034R Gracey 12-13 R036 Available in rigid - R036R extended reach - longer terminal shank Unumtl Curem NEW! Mini Me™ R089

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Macfartone* ★ Best selling signature instruments on pg. 3 Excellent for carving composite & carefully scaling tenacious calculous. * Tungsten Carbide blade. Gdtd Line™ Cmpmte ScotpOnf Stfltem - * CSS-6 R530 The gold standard for composite sculpting instruments. Material won't stick and is easy to manipulate due to the titanium nitride coating. NEW! JO.r V’b Initftmentb An all-encompassing set of highly-polished composite instruments, including various placement and occlusal forming instruments.

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Durable thin spring steel tips provide convenient interproximal access. Solid ultralight resin handle that allows for ultimate tactile sensitivity. Tensile strength and flexibility is maintained giving the practitioner better feel for decay and tooth irregularities. furcation Probe* These two new probes feature a straighter furcation probe design for greater patient comfort and are flexible enough to reach the most difficult furcations. The furcation end is etched with 3-6-9-12 markings. The WRS ACE™ Probe UNC 12 has markings from 1 -12 mm on the straight probe end and the ACE™ Probe 12S...

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PDT cassettes are available in several configurations that will hold 5 to 22 instruments with fixed (F), liftout (L), double racks (D) or utility - open without racks (U). Cassette features include: air/water clip (AW); cotton plier clip (CP); needle recapper (NR); stone clip (STC); and Scissors Clip (SC). Scan this barcode or visit pdtdental.com for the complete Cassette Catalog. Color Coding Rings & Strips Red, Blue, Light Blue, Gray, Pink, Orange, Green, Yellow, Brown, Black, and Purple are now available from PDT. Single piece cassette with a unique hinge, that allows for a smaller...

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!-1 Diamond Head Ceramic Stone” (maintain edge) Diamond Head Ceramic Stone” (maintain edge) Ultimate Edge Sharpening Kit™ T066 Ultimate Edge Transformation Kit™ T067 To shape the toe, keep the instrument face parallel with the beveled edge then pivot the heel in an arc against the stone. Rest position. Glide blade side to side to sharpen. The Ultimate Edge Trantfprmatim Kif* fa the bed mrntmeat pa wilt eaer make m prmtie patwww.pdtdental.com 800-240-9895

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Superior QjmCity. Lmer Price. Be&C Vatuef Our passion is to do it right using smart, efficient manufacturing at home in the USA. We innovate with better designs and subtle differences, making instruments noticeably more comfortable for you and your patient. Feel the difference with better blade adaptation, tactile sensitivity, instrument lightness and longer sharpness retention. Get more value for your money with PDT products that outlast the rest! PDT cares more about people than big profits - our skilled craftspeople proudly manufacture 100% in the USA while keeping production cost down....

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