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Slim, smart, simple, ease an improved diagnosis process. S-Plate platform is the most accurate and cost-effective way to identify the plantar pressure profile. Traditional tools cannot provide the same information as the S-Plate. S-Plate will increase your credibility and help you make an effective diagnosis A modern exam Provide an easy and efficient patient follow up (up to 4 exams comparison) Real time display Immediate storage or load of recorded exams Visual provides attractive screens to facilitate patient communication and understanding Static analysis Dynamic analysis Postural analysis Static mapping with center of pressure, Max, Average pressure calculations and weight distribution pattern Movie and frame by frame mode Center of Pressure Displacement (with zoom) Global Dynamic view Statokinsigram and Stabilogram Gait line display Instability International parameters Calculations and curves (Altuglass positioner in option) Wide range of display (Thermographic, Iso-Pressure, 3D…) Measuring possibilities (length, angle, pressure, area…) 1:1 printing report Static mapping Actual size print capacity 3D visualization 2 feet superposition 2 feet dynamic Detailed posturographic analysis Stabilometry mapping

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Mechanic data Size (length, width ) 610 mm x 580 mm Thickness 10 mm Active Area 400 mm x 400 mm Weight 6,6 Kg PR ESS U R E FO OT PR O FI L E . PO S T U R E . R EH AB I L I TAT I O N Electronic data Sensors type Resistive Sensor size 10 mm x 10 mm Sensor thickness 4 mm Sensors number 1600 (40 x 40) No pressure resistance >1M Ω Temperature range a From 0°C to 60°C Sensor lifetime > 1 000 000 actuations Maximum pressure a 100 N/cm2 Interface PC/Platform USB Voltage Powered through USB wire Acquisition frequency 100 pictures per seconds Analogic/Digital conversion 8 bits Many Options available...

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