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Mechanic data Size (length, width, height Thickness Active Area Weight a professional design 530x600x45 mm 4 mm 400x400mm 6,8 Kg 45 mm The new sensor technology especially developed for the win-pod provides an exceptional quality of results : 600 mm q sensitivity: detection of the low pressures (essential for the children analysis and the diabetic foot) q Dynamic measurement: no sensor distortion or saturation for high pressure values Electronic data Sensors type Sensor size Sensor thickness Number of sensors Temperature range Sensor lifetime Maximum pressure Interface PC/Platform Voltage Acquisition frequency Analogic/Digital conversion Option New generation of calibrated sensors 8mmx8mm 0,15 mm 2304 (48x48) from - 40°C to + 85°C (- 40°F to 185°F) > 1 000 000 actuations 100 N/cm2 USB Self-powered up to 200 images per seconds 8 bits Plexiglas positioner Transport suitcase q Accuracy and homogeneity 530 mm 4 mm q 22 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing of Podiatry, Posturology and biomechanical equipment q a complete and evolving line of measuring, diagnostic and manufacturing tools q recognized quality and reliability (CE-medical equipment and Dekra Certification) q the technology partner insole/orthotic and shoe specialist of the foot, Photos : Christian Rivière - Image source - StockPix. European Leader in Electronic Podiatry q a company born from the filiations of the Research and High technologies worlds (LAAS / CNRS) q over 3500 equipped clients q worldwide notoriety and presence (Europe, United States, Japan…) q 3 locations : Toulouse, Nice, Atlanta MEDICAPTEURS France S.A.S (Siège social) "Les Espaces de Balma" - 18 avenue Charles de Gaulle - Bât. 34 - 31130 BALMA - FRANCE tél. +33 (0) 562 571 571 -fax +33 (0) 562 577 468 - e-mail :

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Be ahead of the game in your profession Power and ergonomics q Add value to your services q The latest win-pod software 3 is the result of Medicapteurs 22 years of experience in podometry software application. • Analysis with an electronic podometer allows you to objectively assess biomechanical parameters of the foot, increasing credibility in the pathology diagnostic process. Extremely user friendly, win-pod software 3 complies with the latest needs in terms of podometry analysis (multi-step acquisition, specific area analysis, “Impulse” and “Timing” display, video) and optimizes the...

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