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win-posturo The essential tool for the Posturologist Practitioner : Postural evaluation. Analysis of static and balance disorders. Good therapeutic control. 40 hz/16b. New, better-performing and more robust concept New design Technical Characteristics: Single platform standardized 3 points APE Dimensions 460 x 460 x 35 mm Plate thickness 12 mm Weight 7,8 Kg Material Rectified Aluminium AU4G Maximum load 180 Kg or 250 Kg (optional) Non-linearity < 0.2% Resolution 900 points/Kg Hysteresis < 0.2% Acquisition frequency Programmable between 5 Hz and 40 Hz Analog-to-digital conversion 16 bits Connection with PC USB Power Self-powered Operating software WinPosture NV : Stabilographic operating software WinTrainer NV : Rehabilitation software via visuo-postural biofeedback. Required operating system Windows 2000/2000 Pro/XP/Vista Options Dynamic balancing plate Transport suitcase Extra thin platform Metrological performance guarantees reliable data at 5Hz and also at 40Hz Connection USB Optional dynamic balancing plate New software Photos : Christian Rivière. New design Dynamic balancing plate MEDICAPTEURS France S.A.S (headquarters) "Les Espaces de Balma" - 18 avenue Charles de Gaulle - Bât. 34 - 31138 TOULOUSE-BALMA cedex - FRANCE tél. +33 (0) 562 571 571 -fax +33 (0) 562 577 468 - e-mail :

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is the study of orthostatic balance controlled by the fine postural system which relies on the eyes, internal ear, proprioception and the feet providing the podal entry, which plays a significant role in this system. WinPosture NV New Static and Dynamic Stabilography Software • Incomparable user-friendliness and ergonomics. • Creation and management of acquisition protocols. Training on platform utilization and stabilometry. Regular software upgrades. Telephone assistance. Maintenance contract. Personalized training on request. • Parameter setting of norms and reference landmarks. an...

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