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WIN-TRACK A step ahead System Features Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 1610x652x30mm Thickness 9mm Sensing area 1500x500mm Weight 11.8Kgs Sensor technology Resistive HD Sensor’s size 0.78x0.78cm Number of sensors 12,288 Pressure range From 0.4 to 100N Temperature range From 0°C to +85°C PC/Platform interface USB 2.0 Power supply Through USB Sampling rate 200Hz Required operating system Windows XP, Vista, Seven Synchronization 1 input, 1 output Win-Track: a foot pressure sensitive walkway dedicated to static, posturographic and gait analysis with total freedom in stance and motion acquisition. Medicapteurs, European leader in electronic podometry More than 25 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of podiatry, posturology and biomechanical equipment. a complete and evolving line of measuring devices for diagnosis and orthotics design process. quality and reliability certication according to European Communittee (CE) medical devices standards /Dekra certied company EN 46003 WIN-TRACK a partner for foot clinicians, orthotics and shoes manufacturers more than 6000 equipped clients a world class establishment and reputation A step ahead 3 locations : Toulouse, Nice, Atlanta Quality Control WIN-TRACK / 09-2009 Certied EEC regulation 93/42 For medical devices Address: «Les Espaces de Balma» - 18 av. Charles de Gaulle - Bât. 33 & 34 31130 BALMA - France tél. +33 (0) 562 571 571 - fax +33 (0) 562 577 468 - MEDICAPTEURS win-track plaquette OK GB.indd 1-4 27/04/10 17:15:15

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WIN-TRACK software WIN-TRACK The Win-Track software offers all tools to display and analyze your patient’s foot pressure and gait pattern, including space-time calculations. A step ahead A one piece platform A high performance motion analysis Thanks to more than 2 years of research and development, our single unit structure reduces the complexity of the modular concept (connection of multiple podometry platforms). The 12,288 sensors on the Win-Track register foot pressure at a sampling rate up to 200 images per second during stance, walking, gait, or specic activities (sport movements,...

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