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Medi land Mediland Enterprise Corporation No.75, Wenhwa 1st Rd., Kuelshan Hsiang, Taoyuan Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. E-mail: international@mediland.com.tw Website: http://www.mediland.com.tw Printed in Taiwan. Oct. 2007 All rights reserved.

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C600 - 2

The C600 Electro-hydraulic Surgical Table Series With over 20 years of R&D expertise, Mediland is at the forefront of technology in operating room (O.R.) equipment. As one of the premier O.R. equipment manufacturers in the world, Mediland proudly introduces its latest innovation, the C600 surgical table. Mediland brings innovative design and a rich combination of features to the C600 surgical table. With a variety of accessories and tabletop configurations, the C600 makes itself ideal in handling all modem procedures. DIVERSITY : To cater to different markets and preferences in usage, the...

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C600 - 3

The C600 has 3 different tabletop models, each configurable with up to 3 optional functions. These configurations provide various models for different markets and surgical preferences. OPTIONAL FEATURES 30cm longitudinal displacement of tabletop facilitates radiology applications and creates ample legroom for surgeons. Auto-leveling function helps surgical teams leveling the tabletop with an easy push of the controller button. The low profile base allows the C600 to lower height for neurosurgeries, ophthalmic surger- Series : Electric Surgical Table EXTRA SHOULDER SECTION The detachable...

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C600 - 6

Spinal Procedure An optional shoulder section tabletop (C600E models) curves the patient's back for better incision access. A dorsal operation pad (PA27) offers Ideal support and gives sufficient room beneath the abdominals for respiratory of the patient. Shoulder Procedure A light-weight shoulder attachment for C series (E model) (PA54) is interchangeable with the shoulder section of C6O0E models. Its movement is connected to that of the back section which Is driven Another light-weight shoulder attachment (reverse orientation) (PA64) replacing leg sections is also available for shoulder...

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C600 - 7

BASIC CONTROL COMPONENT: Hydraulic power table movemenis of height, Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg positions, lateral tilt, back section angle, floor lock, flex / reflex, auto-leveling (ID option), and sliding (IS option) can be operated by a hand control. OPTIONAL CONTROL COMPONENTS: PA53 Foot Control Device An optional foot control device can be height, lateral tilt, and Trend/ rev. Trend. It conforms to IPX8 waterproof level. C600 Surgical table accessories: PA39 Redial Setting Clamp for 3/8" x 1 1/8' and PA62 Adjustable Headrest Adapter PA63 Back Section Extender PA60 Pelvic...

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