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S^OOSÍÍÜCH] °^ect've 's t0 crea*e a better operating room (OR.) environment by providing high quality products. To achieve this, Mediland has an impressive 25-year research and development (R&D) experience in O.R, field. Our R&D activities have been organized and focused on the development of operating tables, operating lights and other OR. equipment. We continually strive to offer convenience to medical personnel and safety to the patient during surgical operations The launch of Emax300 series electro-hydraulic operating table is for the use in a full range of surgeries. The main feature...

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Head section can be up-down adjusted manually. Cassette tunnel beneath the tabletop o facilitates X-ray photographing. All electro - hydraulic table movements ° can be operated by the hand controller. provides a back-up control 4 electrically conductive casters beneath the base allow easy relocation of the table.

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General Surgery for general surgeries such as conventional cholecystectomy Struma and Neck Surgery Head section can be adjusted manually for facilitating struma Ophthalmic and Plastic Surgery A Headrest for Plastic Operation (PA40) coupled to the back section provides wrist support for the surgeon Cardiovascular Surgery Longitudinal sliding toward the head (Advantage / Elegance models) minimizes the need for C-arm maneuvering during cardiovascular surgery. Optional Back Section Extender (PA63) is also available to increase the C-arm

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Emax300 - 7

Fowler's position gives optimum patient comfort during ENT surgery. Neurosurgery (Supine Position) The patient's head can be placed on approaches to the posterior cranial Longitudinal sliding toward the head allows plenty of legroom Neurosurgery (Prone Position) Neurosurgery (Sitting Position) Patient's head can be stabilized on a Sitting Headrest ( PA81 ) in sitting position. Longitudinal sliding toward head helps enhance surgeon comfort. An Adjustable Headrest Adapter (PA62) allows the use of Mayfield skull clamp.

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Emax300 - 8

Nephrectomy Surgery The integrated kidney elevator ( Plus / manual crank for the convenience of surgical positioning during nephrectomy surgery. Urology / Gynecology Surgery Leg sections can be removed easily or split horizontally. For some cases where imaging is required, longitudinal sliding toward the foot {Advantage / Elegance models) provides optimal C-arm coverage. Rectal Surgery Kraske / jack-knife position allows easy access to the surgical site.

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Emax300 - 9

Spinal Surgery supports the patient's body and gives sufficient room beneath the Shoulder Surgery A light-weight Shoulder Attachment ( PA64 ) is available for shoulder surgery in reverse patient orientation. Orthopedic Surgery device can be easily installed to stands of the device provide unrestricted imaging access. Orthopedic Surgery Shown with the use of optional Orthopedic Surgery Tibia / Fibula Nailing

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Emax300 - 10

General Construction: Table Maîtresses: 6cm thick table maltresses are made ol an lib acte ria I. antistatic and lluld-proof materials. Its pressure management loams help to avoid bedsores on the patient. Latex-free materials avoid associated allergies ■ Electro-hydraulic systems lor adjustments ot height. Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg, lateral tilt, back section, longitudinal sliding (Advantage/ Elegance models) and auto-teveling (Plus / Elegance Power Supply: e electrically powered by AC mair tories. A fully charged battery s <12VM4Ah"2 pieces! lasts tor approximately 1 operation...

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Mediland Enterprise Corporation No.75. Wenhwa 1st Rd., Kueishan Hsiang, Taoyuan Hsien. Taiwan, R.O.C E-mail: ¡nternatiorial@medilarid.com.lw Website: http: // www.mediland.com.tw

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