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ErixThree® Neuro Shoulder

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Indications: General shoulder instabilities, CVA/Stroke, ■■ Shoulder capsulitis/Froze shoulder syndrome, Shoulder impingement syndrome, mild to moderate rotator cuff instabilities, Acromioclavicular joint instabilities. • , : ErixThree® Neuro is a new shoulder brace that has been developed for neurological disorders. In many neurological disorders the muscular activity are inhibited which leads to a shoulder instability where the shoulder joint subluxes anteriorly. The ErixThree® Neuro has been developed to dynamically support the shoulder posteriorly to create better position for the...

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Start by opening the arm part and slide it up over the arm. Close the straps around the arm and make sure that the lining covers the hook closures. Stretch the chest strap slightly and run it over the scapula, then in under the opposite arm pit and apply the brace in the front. The shoulder brace provides a light posterior pull of the shoulder in order to provide a posterior safe position passively. Shoulder Strap The shoulder strap can be used to provide more abduction support or when the shoulder joint has been completely dislocated. Apply the shoulder strap on the front surface of the...

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Measurement Chart The measurement is taken around the biceps in cm and is for guidance only. The ErixThree® model is designed specifically for neurological patients where the upper arm and shoulder has less muscle volume than normal shoulders. If using the ErixThree® for a normal shoulder you might have to use one size larger. NRX940 ErixThree Neuro · Available in left and right model The brace is machine washable in 40 degrees. We recommend to use a laundry bag and to close all hook parts before washing. In combination with the NRX® Strap The ErixThree® Neuro can also be combined with the...

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