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MR990 ErixOne The shoulder joint is one of the most advanced joints in the body. Muscular stability and good proprioception are important factors for a functional shoulder joint. Mediroyal ErixOne® is a patent pending shoulder brace that has been developed to provide the shoulder joint with various degrees of stability. It can provide increased proprioception and bio-feedback to the joint, mechanical stability and abduction- as well as rotation control. ErixOne® is a modular system that consists of the shoulder brace that can be combined with a chest belt, stabilization straps and pads....

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ErixTwo is a more simplified version of the advanced model ErixOne. ErixTwo is patent pending and has a more simplified construction with straps and larger loop areas to attach hook straps on. On the front- and the back side two semi-elastic straps have been attached to provide anterior/posterior support to the shoulder joint. On the top there is an additional strap that can be used to provide suspension of the shoulder. The combination with these three straps and the more simplified design makes it very suitable for shoulder joints that need a higher degree of range of motion and support...

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Neck & Shoulder MR960 ERIXTWO •

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Neck & Shoulder •

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ErixThree® has been developed for patients with subluxation problems or that needs assistance to lift and hold the shoulder joint in place, after stroke or neurological problems. The patented system with reinforcements and silicone straps on the inside assists the function of the SIT-muscles to retract the shoulder into a posterior safe position. That provides both a lift to the shoulder joint as well as posterior stability. To further improve the suspension of the shoulder joint a special yoke-strap can be applied to support and lift the shoulder joint individually. The yoke-strap provides...

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EU515 Cervical Foam Collar, Soft A soft foam collar for unloading of the neck. Anatomical design for a good comfort. indications Overload injuries of the neck muscles or general light stabilization. Avaiable heights: 6, 8, 10 and 12 cm. EU515 Cervical Foam Collar, soft Height 6 cm 8 cm 10 cm 12 cm Length Universal EU520 Cervical Foam Collar, Stable A soft foam collar with plastic reinforcement for unloading of the neck. Anatomical design for a good comfort. indications Overload injuries of the neck muscles or general light stabilization. EU520 Cervical Foam Collar, stable Height 6 cm 8 cm...

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1044-8 One-Piece Phili Collar The STAT One Piece Phili Collar is made from lightweight, white Polypropylene. This support is designed for application onto prone patients where adverse movements could be critical. It features an integral chin piece, large Trachea window, a closed cell, non-absorbent foam padding, and anatomical contouring of the shoulders, neck, and chin. It securely fastens with a hook and loop closure system, and is flat packed. INDICATIONS: Post Cervical Neck Trauma. Post-Op Stabilisation of the neck. 1044-8 One-Piece Phili Collar Storlek XX-Small X-Small Small Medium...

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3001 Clavicle Strap with buckle This Clavicle strap has been designed to allow 4 way adjustment for precise fitting, while the additional padding on the straps, and under the buckle at the back, help prevent pressure problems occurring. The Strap is made with non-absorbent materials, and closed cell nonabsorbent foam, so that the patient can wash and shower without removing the strap. 3001 Clavicle Strap with buckle Small/medium Medium Large X-Large Sizing for this product should be done by measuring from the centre of the back, under the arm pit, around the shoulder and to the centre of...

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8004 Arm Sling special Made of a durable cotton canvas material. The metal D-rings makes the application easy. The strap has an adjustable pad for the shoulder. The front opening of the sling is equipped with a thump strap to prevent wrist-drop. A correct application is when the elbow joint is unloaded in a 90° degree angle. 8004 Arm Sling special Size X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large 1169 Premium Arm sling Made of a durable cotton material. The pediatric sizes feature cartoon print. Deep pocket for a secure position of the arm and elbow. Adjustable slide buckle on strap for best fit and...

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1165 Shoulder Abduction Pillow Made of closed cell foam with low weight. Anatomical design and a cotton material, close to the skin makes it very comfortable to wear. Provides 55 or 70 degrees of abduction and fixated with the waist strap. The arm strap provides a very effective fixation. 1165 Shoulder Abduction Pillow Size Small Medium Large 1163 Shoulder P.A.D. II The brace is made of a textile material with hook receivable function for infinite adjustability. The arm pouch can be adjusted to fixate the arm effectively. The waist strap has a quick-release buckle for easy application. The...

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