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Thumb Abduction Strap Material NRX® 30 mm and 50 mm + 3 hook tabs Cut a 50 mm NRX® strap to fit the circumference of the wrist plus 2-3 cm and apply around the wrist and secure with the hook tab. Then cut a 30 mm NRX® strap, approx 8-10 cm long. Apply the strap around the thenar eminence and secure with the hook tab Attach a hook tab to the other end and pull carefully to provide abduction support to the thumb. Attach the the strap to the ulnar side for a more effective support. If needed adjust the length of the strap. The strap can also be attached on the dorsal part of the wrist strap if less abduction support is needed. Caring instructions The NRX® strap can be washed in 40 degrees machine wash with a liquid detergent. Always use a laundry bag. Remove the hook parts before washing and let air dry. Mediroyal Nordic AB · Box 7052 · 192 07 Sollentuna · Sweden · Tel +46 8 506 766 00 · · NRX® Strap · Thumb Abduction Strap

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