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A COMPUTER-BASED ICG PATIENT MONITOR IMPEDANCE CARDIOGRAPHY (ICG) Changes in volume and velocity of blood in the aorta cause variations in the thoracic bio-impedance which is measured and displayed as the ICG waveform. Innovative algorithms are applied to this signal to provide key haemodynamic parameters non-invasively and continuously. By means of our unique ACM-Technology in combination with the new 4TECT Sensor-Application the accuracy of the measuring method could be considerably increased and its application could be made even more simple - a new generation of Impedance Cardiography. ACM arterial compliance modulation CO/CI Cardiac Output/Index Beginning of ventricular depolarisation Pre-Ejection Period Opening of aortic valve Maximum systolic flow Closing of aortic valve Opening of mitral valve Left Ventricular Ejection Time FEATURES Non-invasive Enables 100% non-invasive measurement of haemodynamic parameters Continuous (beat-to-beat), real-time monitoring and recording of curves and 27 parameters Small, portable and USB-driven hand-held device Only 4 sensors necessary Application-oriented through different screens for optimal data presentation in various clinical settings Displayed curves and parameters user-selectable Connectable to any Windows Panel PC (touch screen), PC or Notebook Integrable & connectable Interface to patient monitors, such as Philips/HP (VueLink / IntelliVue / IntelliBridge) Offline data analysis and data export (e.g. Excel) Heart Rate Stroke Volume/Index Velocity Index Acceleration Index Heather Index Pre-Ejection Period Left Ventricular Ejection Time Systolic Time Ratio Corrected Flow Time Thoracic Fluid Content Systemic Vascular Resistance Selection of available parameters

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APPLICATIONS HAEMODYNAMIC MONITORING The CardioScreen® 1000 enables non-invasive measurement and monitoring of haemodynamic parameters, such as stroke volume and cardiac output. Therefore, it can support clinical decision-making processes by: trending haemodynamic changes for timely intervention monitoring effects of interventions/drug titration to optimise treatment identifying the development of oedema by measuring TFC The CardioScreen® 1000 has been designed for the operating room, intensive care unit, emergency department and intermediate care. HYPERTENSION MANAGEMENT As hypertension is...

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