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VasoScreen® - 2

Measuring Mode Measuring Mode Measuring Mode Measuring Position Outflow time constant To Refilling time Vo Volume displacement Ready F3 Delete Measur. Examination Left Arterial inflow Light Reflection Rheography Measuring Mode Venous Occlusion Plethysmography 6. Arterial inflow 7. Arterial inflow Base Impedance Cuffs Pressure Duration of arterial stasis Inflow at rest 1. Arterial inflow 2. Arterial inflow 3. Arterial inflow 4. Arterial inflow 5. Arterial inflow Measuring Position Measuring Mode birthd.: 10.10.1960 Date: 20.12.2012 Time: 14:33:58 (1/3) Description: AVK left Arterial Venous...

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