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Linear Stainer ■ The worldwide first continuous linear stainer ■ Processing up to 1,000 samples per hour ■ Three different models designed to offer the utmost in features and flexibility

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COT 20 Continuous Linear Slide Stainer The worldwide first continuous linear stainer saves you precious time by processing up to 1,000 samples per hour The COT 20 linear slide stainer is designed to meet the ambitious requirements of today’s high throughput staining histology and cytology laboratories. The COT 20 linear stainer is compatible to all common staining baskets in the market and therefore easy to integrate into existing lab environments. The most versatile and high performance system in its market segment offers every staining capability you need. The staining time is adjustable...

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The individual solution for every lab: Standard version with open side panels. With its increased number of 27 staining stations the standard model offers the most flexible design of staining procedures and the highest throughput. The additional storage container for up to 4 slide holders equipped with 4 staining troughs allows 5 holders with 20 slides each to be started simultaneously. Technical data: Closed version with integrated charcoal filter. In addition to the extraction device supplied with all versions, this model with closed side panels has an integrated charcoal filter and an...

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Linear Stainer Technical data Start position: store for up to 4 slide baskets Number of stations: 23 in the instrument, Free choice of water station position, water flow adjustable Staining capacity: Automatic drain cycle / time: Basket capacity: Time adjustment: staining time: drain time: about 1,000 slides per hour 20 slides, directly applicable with coverslipping machines Medite® RCM 60/90/2000/7000 Adapter for all coverslipping machines from Leica, Sakura and Thermo available. 2 storage containers for 10 baskets each integrated in the working plate. Central water connection: left and...

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