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Glass Coverslipper ■ The most successful fully automated glass coverslipper worldwide ■ Sophisticated and extreme reliable instrument of high ■ Compatible to every staining machine in the market

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Glass Coverslipper The new high speed glass coverslipping ma- chine RCM 7000 assures consistent bubble- free dispensing of the mounting media at a high quality standard. Its high technology brings both high speed and reliable coverslipping to a new genera- tion of coverslipping machine. The RCM 7000 will allow you to significantly speed up the coverslipping process used in histopathol- ogy research and specimen preparation. Fast Coverslipping • It processes up to 400 slides per hour • With a six-step speed adjustment you can choose the processing speed that meets your requirements...

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prevents the withdrawal of xylene steam and protects the tissues against dust during The dispenser automatically returns to a xylene reservoir after every completed coverslipping process. This prevents drying Operation panel Easy to see, use and check operational Basket Container The RCM 7000 is equipped with an exhaust fan that leads toxic fumes through the connected duct hose to the outside. A charcoal filter is available as an extra option. 60 slides in different types of baskets. It can be filled with adequate solvent (xylene, xylene substitutes or alcohol, depending on quality of...

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Glass Coverslipper Technical data: Dispensing volume: Mountant container: Size - Standard: Size - Option: Power supply: Front door and hood have to be closed before operating the RCM 7000. When opened during the operating procedure the instrument stops automatically to protect the user against xylene steam. 80 - 800 CP (recommended: Medite Pertex®, Mountex®, X-TRA Kitt®) commercially available container with up to 500 ml or Medite® standard container Medite® offers a great variety of microscope slides and coverglasses in different qualities and sizes as well as the suitable mounting media....

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