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Rotary Microtomes Automatic Rotary Performance Sectioning Rotary Microtome with Motorized Specimen Feed

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Meditome A550 Automatic Rotary Microtome Universal microtome with motorized cutting drive Based on our knowledge in the microtomy field we have consistently developed our microtome series. All microtomes are entirely designed and made in Germany, using own mechanics and electronics. The automatic microtome Meditome A550 combines trendsetting technology with ergonomic design and meets the highest demands in every working environment. Enhanced user comfort results in maximum output and will boost your efficiency from the average to the extraordinary. Safe • Superior section stability and...

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Meditome M530 Semi-automatic Rotary Microtome The successful microtome with motorized specimen feed The Meditome M530 is designed to meet multiple requirements of histology or histopathology labs and is also suitable for the use in research labs as well as industrial quality assurance. With its high-precision technology the Meditome M530 permits quality sections, while maintaining a high, consistent throughput. Great functionality and the appealing design are the key features of our microtome. Optimal user comfort enables a rapid, safe and smooth sectioning, even under heavy workload....

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Rotary Microtomes The disposable blade carrier is suitable for commercially available low profile blades. The blade carrier base is equipped with a lateral move- ment, thus the whole cutting length of the blade can be used. The clea- rance angle between cutting edge and specimen is adjustable. In order to perform a coarse adjustment the whole blade carrier can be moved forward or backward on the guide bars. The integrated finger protec- tion helps users to prevent injuries caused by the microtome blade. As an option a disposable blade carrier for a high profile blade is available Disposable...

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