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Programmable Slide Stainer ■ Highest capacity in routine stains ■ Maximum flexibility with up to 12 parallel operating staining programs ■ Large number of bath stations with very low ■ Continuous loading principle ■ Enhanced Reagent Management System ensures high sample quality

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Slide Stainer The programmable continuous slide stainer TST 44 with up to 12 parallel operating staining programs is an "assembly-line worker" for routine staining proto- cols frequently needed in histology and cytology labo- Its unique Reagent Management System (RMS) ensures high quality samples and helps reducing consumption The outstanding features of the TST 44 result in a high capacity of up to 500 slides per hour and considerably decrease the time needed for this routine work in the laboratory. Its again increased number of reagent sta- tions in combination with a continuous working...

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LCD display colour display with selfexplanatory user’s guide Hood Connection panels with memory card stack can be opened half or fully card for storage and saving of the data, also applicable for data exchange Transport head Keyboard Charcoal filter Fume extraction connection to an external ventilation system for the adsorption of solvent fumes Patented drip tray avoids carry-over 6 water stations Connection for water in- and outlet Transport head The soft running transport head with the patented drip tray moves fast in X, Y and Z direction. Liquid residues on the slides and the basket...

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TST 44 Programmable Slide Stainer Technical Data: Max. number of staining protocols: 20 / 12 parallel operating staining programs Max. number of program steps: 40 Free choice for every step: station, time (from 1 sec. to 59 min.) Drip collection: adjustable drain time combined with a patented drip collection technology avoids carryover of solvents drain time 0 to 9 sec. Compatible to all coverslipping machines in the market Number of stations: 44 including: optional: 4 loading stations 4 unloading stations, including 1 transfer station 6 water stations for running water 2 drying stations...

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