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MEDITECH (INDIA) Application This model is designed with Hanging Orthopedic Attachment to support mainly orthopedic procedures. Description The mobile table is electric operated designed to provide patient positioning flexibility required for modern surgical care facilities. The Meditech MI 102 Universal Surgical Table features powered lateral tilt, Trendelenburg/ Reverse Trendelenburg, Chair Position and adjustable height functions. The Meditech MI 102 Universal Surgical Table is constructed of stainless steel and other high quality materials. The table is equipped with translucent top for...

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MEDITECH (INDIA) Key Structure • C-ARM compatible Electro O.T. Table. • Hanging orthopedic attachment is attached by the head side for orthopedic surgeries. The table column base is eccentric for easy C-ARM movements. During the operation, the extension allows selective positioning of the leg according to the surgeon's directions, at the same time, a minimum strain on the patient. • The various positions such as Up - Down movements, Trendelenburg - Reverse Trendelenburg, Lateral Tilts, Flex - Reflex, Chair Position as realized by remote control. • Leg section & head section are...

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STANDARD ACCESSORIES MEDITECH (INDIA) Anesthesia Screen - The L-type anesthesia screen frame is the most commonly used and can be mounted on either side of the table. It can be adjusted in height and angle and conveniently fixed on the table Side-Rail Clamp to be ordered separately. Shoulder Support – Made of stainless steel frame, foam pad and adjustable with require height and lateral position, to assure proper alignment to achieve patient’s shoulder width, maximizing patient fixation stability during Trendelenburg. Lateral Support – Mounted on side rails for supporting patient’s body in...

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MEDITECH (INDIA) Hand Rest - The standard arm board is designed with an integral quick disconnect side-rail clamp to facilitate installation and removal. Finger latch control at outer edge of board provides 180° lateral adjustment with locking detent at 20° increments. Knee Crutches – The foam padded leg crutch to distribute leg weight evenly and thereby minimize pressure. The angled stainless steel support rod can be adjusted for various height positioning. A ball and socket adjustment at the upper end of the support rod permits abduction and rotation at the knee. Restraint strap is...

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