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Technology, Quality, Reliability and Repeatability Environmentally friendly CO2 Incubator powered by Meditech Technology for safe cells and Tissue cultures

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Why Meditech CO2 Incubator Discover Technology, Quality, Reliability and Repeatability Meditech CO2 incubators are trusted by scientist worldwide for their valuable cultures than any other brand. Meditech CO2 incubators provide optimal growing conditions, outstanding contamination prevention and proven reliability. A high temperature decontamination function that eliminates the need for separate autoclaving and reassembly of components. Clean room like air quality is obtained using HEPA air filtration that surrounds the cells. There is a high choice of 100% pure copper or electrolytic...

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Optimize Cell Growth through Advanced Technology, Quality and Reliability Enhanced capacity Quality chamber construction 1. Table Top to Large Capacity Models 2. Choice of Volume 50 L to 821 L 3.Stackable Models for space constraints Labs 4.Adjustable Shelves - Space for Stirrers, Large samples, Shakers and cultural devices 1. Light Weight – Direct Heat Technology 2. Water Jacketed Temperature Designs for protection against unexpected power failures. 3. Decontamination with Direct Heat Technology. 4. Meditech CO2 incubators are designed for precise reliable control and tight uniform values...

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Complete contamination control Protect your cultures with proven technologies Our advanced contamination control technologies are designed to protect your valuable cultures and save you time and resources spent on fighting contamination while providing security for your work. Your cultures are continuously protected 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Convenient ondemand high temperature sterilization is designed to eliminate contamination and simplifies your cleaning procedures. 3-Way protection against contaminants (1) High-efficiency ISO Class 5 air purity In-chamber HEPA airflow system...

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ISO Class 5 Clean room Conditions - Closed Loop HEPA Filtration Airborne particulates are a primary source of contamination in most lab settings. Meditech advanced HEPA filter technology protects your cultures, providing ISO Class 5 clean room-like air quality conditions within only five minutes after a 30- second door opening. • Chamber air is filtered every 60 seconds to ensure air quality • Featuring a space saving configuration, the HEPA filter is readily replaceable with minimal cost HEPA Air Filtration For Air Purity HEPA Filter Fresh Air is injected every 20 minutes 99.99% Clean Air...

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(1) 140° C dry heat sterilization This safe and effective overnight high-temperature sterilization cycle is proven to effectively eliminate bacteria, mold, yeast, mycoplasma and even resistant spores, simplifying cleaning protocols and protecting cultures and personnel. High temperature sterilization for easy cleaning with push-button simplicity Conveniently decontaminate your incubator using an on-demand high temperature cycle and eliminate the need for separate autoclaving and re-assembly of components • Automatically radiates heat uniformly to all interior surfaces, requiring no...

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TOUCH SCREEN Meditech touch screen is designed to provide complete data visibility to monitor all CO2 incubator functions. Eye level Door mounted display for easy access. On Screen MENU, error and usage logs, data logging, performance trend graphs and multiple langauge selection. Oxygen Control Range Two available oxygen control ranges (1) Option to simulate physiological hypoxic environments for stem cells and IVF applications. (2) Option to increase oxygen concentration for the ability to operate at hyperoxic levels. Added culturing flexibility with variable oxygen control Many cell types...

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Complete contamination control - cont The main advantage of using meditech co2 incubator is ability to maintain cells. There is no comparison with the level of comfort level that can be achieved using copper tank co2 incubators. Meditech has14 years experience working with all types of mammalian cell lines, including adherent, suspension, hybridomas and transformed stem cells. Advantages of Solid copper tank 1. Meditech CO2 incubators are wide choice for cell culture professionals with 100% pure copper interior. 2. 100% solid copper is easy to maintain. 3. Copper surfaces are safe for...

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Know your CO2 Incubator The display is positioned at eye-level to make it easier to read and simplify operation. Digital 7 inch PLC Touch Screen Controller Best in Class 100mm insulation for effective temperature Holdover Glass & Solid door, Automatic closing of the front door below opening angle of 90° and opening angle limited to 110°.Insulation and gasket is of silicone CFC free refrigerant gas/green gas CFC free insulation Door Heater avoids moisture condensation in humid atmospheric conditions. Magnetic door gaskets Swivel Locking Castor Wheels Separate Inner acrylic door with magnetic...

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Environmentally friendly CO2 Incubator powered by Meditech Technology for safe cells and Tissue cultures Meditech CO2 Incubators are designed to protect and advance your life’s research and work. The carefully engineered components are designed to maintain high relative humidity and precisely controlled temperature and CO2. This environment will not only keep cultures secure, but create conditions so your samples flourish. This incubator is designed with your convenience in mind by including many features to make operating the incubator a pleasurable experience. Advanced technology and a...

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PLC Based Controller LED INDICATION 1. Line In 2. Power 3. Comp On 4. Heater On 5. Battery On 6. Battery Low 7. Temp High 8. Temp Low 9. Power Fail 10. Sensor Fail 11. Chart Change 12. System On Scrolling LIVE Data logger on LED screen 1. Temperature 2. Incoming Voltage 3. Ambient Temperature 4. Time in hours of revolution chart 5. Current Date 6. Current Time 7. Battery Voltage User Friendly Settings 1. Date 2. Time 3. High Temp Alarm 4. Low Temp Alarm 5. Hysteresis 6. Compressor Delay

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