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Inspired Solutions for your Laboratory

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Medline Product Catalogue - 2

Inspired Solutions for your Laboratory Welcome to the latest Medline Scientific core product catalogue. Medline Scientific has been supplying specialist laboratory and scientific equipment to medical, clinical, college/university, pharmaceutical, food & drink research and industrial laboratories since 1992. Based in Oxfordshire, our mission is to support scientific innovation by providing a wide range of high-quality equipment, consumables and services to laboratories across the country. Our comprehensive portfolio includes our own brand products offering our customers unrivalled price and...

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Medline Product Catalogue - 3

Cleaning & Decontamination Reagents 19 - 24 This publication showcases products from our exclusive distribution partners as well as a selection from some of the best known manufacturers in the industry. Due to space constraints, we are unable to list every product from every supplier in this printed catalogue, so this “wall” of logos serves to highlight the many brands we can offer. Please visit for more details. TB/arOOL jdUTOi# J^r.Xri A.i^Uyr Bright Instruments ARCTIKv IBdeltalab ■ HKNNk I instruments JVTRAJAN

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Medline Product Catalogue - 4

Consumables Autoanalyser Cups / Cuvettes Autoclave Bags & Paper Products Centrifuge Tubes Clinical Waste & Sharps Bins Containers Dippers General Labware Gloves Microcentrifuge Tubes Microscope Slides & Cover Slips Petri Dishes, Loops & Spreaders Pipettes & Tips Plastic Bags / Zip-lock Bags Racks & Storage Boxes Swabs Syringes Test Tubes & Caps Water Sampling Bottles Medline offers a comprehensive range of disposable and reusable plastic products. The following section details some of the most common products which are available from our central UK stocks. The complete product range is...

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Medline Product Catalogue - 5

Centrifuge Tubes Clinical Waste & Sharps Bins

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Medline Product Catalogue - 6

General Labware - Scoops & Weigh Boats +44 (0) 1865 400321 General Labware - Special Bottles Other sizes are available - please enquire for details General Labware - Cylinders & Beakers

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Medline Product Catalogue - 7

Microtubes & Cryovials When it comes to creating tissue slides, laboratory personnel will find the perfect combination of exceptional surface quality and optical clarity in our innovative and specialised slides. The advanced surface technology on our speciality slides, provides an optimal environment needed for tissue adhesion - and ultimately, successful diagnostic capability for a wide range of pathologies. Our dedication to quality and technology helps to provide reliable results within laboratories as they process and deliver multiple slides. Quality - Superior and robust • High quality...

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Medline Product Catalogue - 8

Microscope Slides & Cover Slips - Cover Slips Other sizes are available - please enquire for details Petri Dishes, Loops & Spreaders Davidson Marking System Set Individual Dyes ESPO Path Slide Printer Pipettes - Plastic Pasteur Pipettes

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Medline Product Catalogue - 9

Pipettes - Serological Pipettes Pipette Tips Other sizes are available - please enquire for details Plastic Bags / Zip-lock Bags Pipetting Reservoir Racks & Storage Boxes

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Medline Product Catalogue - 10

Swab Information Looking at the new demands of the market and endeavouring to make microbiology departments and analysis laboratories’ jobs easier, Deltalab has developed a new range of swabs for collecting and transporting microbiological samples in liquid medium as well as a new line of enrichment media. Advantages: • Compatible with the new inoculation automation and sample streaking equipment • Compatible with molecular diagnostic techniques • Facilitates the collection, transport and subsequent treatment of microbiological samples • Greater reliability for sample recovery; high...

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Medline Product Catalogue - 11

Puritan Cotton-tipped Applicators Ideal for general purposes when you are less concerned about static or particulate release. purswab® Specialty & Chemical Resistant Foam-tipped Applicators This line of specialty swabs includes super-absorbent and chemical-resistant foam-tipped applicators. Chemical resistant foam is made of a different polymer and will stand up to most solvents. Mini chemical resistant foam tip, pointed wood handle Standard chemical resistant foam-over-cotton tip, polypropylene handle Standard chemical resistant foam-over-cotton tip, wood handle Standard chemical resistant...

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Medline Product Catalogue - 12

Test Tubes - Caps Cleaning Cleaning & Decontamination Reagents Hygienic Hand Wash & Disinfectants Water Sampling Bottles

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Medline Product Catalogue - 13

Cleaning and Decontamination Reagents The RBS range provides a wide selection of cleaning and disinfecting agents for glassware and equipment covering every application within the laboratory, industrial and medical fields. RBS FOGLYAM MD Solution for cleaning and disinfecting non-invasive medical devices before sterilisation Cleaning and disinfecting solution for floors, surfaces and medical devices. Efficiency at low concentration RBS detergents present favourable benefits/costs ratio due to the low working concentration that allows the generation of high volume of cleaning solution....

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Medline Product Catalogue - 14

RBS A 285 SOLID pF Alkaline powder detergent RBS 25Multi-purpose concentrated foaming alkaline liquid cleaning agent For manual cleaning, soaking and ultrasonic cleaning in laboratories and industry. RBS B 200 A MD Alkaline powder detergent and cleaning agent with controlled foam for laboratories and industry Ready-to-use cleaning and disinfecting solution in spray form for surfaces, floors, benches and furniture. It ensures the removal of blood residues, chemical solutions and fatty deposits. RBS A 155Non foaming alkaline cleaning agent Uses Power general purpose cleaner - phosphate free...

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Medline Product Catalogue - 15

Hygienic Hand Wash & Disinfectants RBS HDS 15 Bactericidal liquid hand soap with perfume Recommended for mild hygienic hand washing and decontamination RBS HDS GEL Hydro-alcoholic gel Helps to prevent propagation of contagious germs. Uses RBS HDS LOTION Hydro-alcoholic lotion for hygienic hand disinfection Decontaminating lotion based on alcohol for hand disinfection. Lab Equipment Autoclaves Aspirators Balances Baths & Circulators Centrifuges Desiccators Fume Hoods Heating Apparatus Incubators Incubator Shakers Melting Point Apparatus Microtube Homogenisers Ovens Polarimeters...

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