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High performance solutions For reliable and reproducible results Competence & experience With more than 50 years of experience, Chemical Products s.a. is a trusted leader in the development, manufacturing and supply of cleaning agents. Chemical Products offers a complete range of high performance detergents that meet and fulfil the specific needs in RBS products are mainly intended for wa- laboratories of control, analysis, research and development in ter-based cleaning processes of glass- universities, research institutes, clinics and hospitals, industry ... ware and laboratory equipment :...

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Cleaning glassware and laboratory equipment Manual cleaning Immersion Ultrasonic baths Alkaline washing Acidic washing Removal of organic residues, oils, greases, ointments, balsams, distillation and biological residues, cell cultures ... Removal of inorganic salts and residues, scale and calcareous deposits, metal oxides (rust) ... Neutral washing Recommended for cleaning supports made of sensitive materials (non-ferrous metals RBS T 105 Liquid alkaline detergent High wetting and emulsifying power Recommended immersion such as aluminium, zinc … or alloys having similar properties)....

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Automatic washing Glassware and laboratory equipment Alkaline washing cycle Removal of organic residues, oils, greases, ointments, balsams, distillation and biological residues, cell cultures ... Especially developed for automatic cleaning of glassware and laboratory Non foaming liquid alkaline detergent equipment made of stainless steel, plastic, porcelain … RBS 50 contains active chlorine well known for its decontaminating properties. Combined with the use of the neutralizing agent RBS NA 2, it offers perfect result and optimal cleanliness without traces or films. Use concentration : 0.3%...

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Advices & good practices Residues Organic residues such as greases, oils, ointments, balsams, biological residues, proteins, blood residues, cell cultures, fermentation residues, DNA & RNA … are to be removed using alkaline detergents. Insoluble inorganic residues and mineral salts such as metal oxides, scale, calcium carbonates … are to be removed using acidic detergents. Materials to clean The glassware is immersed in the cleaning solution for up to 30 minutes at a temperature between 20°C and 50°C, rinsed with tap water and then with deionized water. In washing machine, follow...

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Processes Manual, immersion and ultrasonic baths For manual cleaning process, items are first impregnated or soaked into the cleaning solution that ensures the wetting and penetrating action. The mechanical action of a brush or a sponge will then allow the removal and dispersion of the soils. The manual process is recommended for cleaning items and parts of medium size (glassware, container …) allowing the use of brushes or sponges. When cleaning by immersion, the removal of residues and soils is entirely assured by the wetting, emulsifying and dispersing power of the cleaning solution. In...

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RBS HDS 12 Soft liquid handsoap Especially adapted for frequent hand washing in laboratories. Helps to protect and moisturize hands skin. RBS HDS 15 Bactericidal soft liquid handsoap Recommended for mild hygienic hand washing and decontamination. Its neutral pH allows frequent use with prolonged dermal protection. Contains moisturizing agents, quaternary ammonium compounds and glycerine. Conforms to EN 1040 and EN 1499. Available with pleasant green tea perfume. Authorized as biocidal product n°: NOTIF444 RBS HDS GEL Hydro-alcoholic gel Suitable for hand disinfection in laboratories. Helps...

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