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Affinity CP Centrifugal Blood Pump Brochure


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Affinity CP Centrifugal Blood Pump Brochure - 1

centrifugal blood pump Low prime, gentle blood handling.

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Expanding the AFFINITY Family The AFFINITY™ CP centrifugal blood pump is a low prime centrifugal pump that gently handles blood, The AFFINITY™ CP pump is designed for use with Bio-Console® pump speed controllers with a new, high efficiency remote drive, providing the durability you've come to expect from Medtronic. The AFFINITY family of perfusion products — oxygenators, cardiotomy/venous reservoirs and arterial filters — has a tradition of excellence in blood handling, consistent performance and ease of use. Medtronic is expanding the AFFINITY family to include centrifugal pumps to provide...

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Affinity CP Centrifugal Blood Pump Brochure - 3

Offering choices in centrifugal pumping Minimal Number of Mechanical Components 3/8” Blood inlet with two barbs for gentle flow of blood into pump Durable bearing Durable, chemical resistant polycarbonate housing 3/8” Blood outlet with two barbs is compatible with adult perfusion circuits Ceramic pivot shaft for low friction and low heat generation Six low-profile impeller fins for low turbulence Smooth cone for low shear on red blood cells Internal molded magnet for torque coupling with external motor Sweeper to prevent blood stagnation on bottom of pump F eatu r es and B ene F I ts...

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Another choice for the Bio-Console® Interfaces with existing Bio-Console speed controllers using the 560A external drive motor and HC150A emergency hand crank developed specifically for the AFFINITY CP Pump STORAGE ENVIRONMENT AFFINITY™ CP Ordering Information AP40 AFFINITY™ CP Centrifugal Blood Pump External Drive Motor Emergency Handcrank Bio-Console™ Ordering Information 560BCS1 Bio-Console® 560BCS1 Speed Controller Flow Transducer Flow Transducer Disposable Bubble Detector Cable—Adult Level Sensor Level Sensor Tape Hand Crank Stand Indications for Use: The AFFINITY™ CP Centrifugal Blood...

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