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OXYGENATION SYSTEM Consistent Performance

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Consistent performance starts with an oxygenator design that has set the standard for the industry. The Affinity NT’s radial flow design and proprietary fiber winding technique provide the reliable results you desire in a constantly changing cardiac surgery environment. Smart Design that Sets the Standard for Oxygenators Continued optimization in the manufacturing process contributes to the consistent performance you have come to expect. With over 4 million oxygenators produced on a single manufacturing line, you—and your patients—can rest assured. The goal of our precision manufacturing is...

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Affinity—the first oxygenator with a radial blood flow design and use of computational flow dynamics to optimize the blood flow path. Affinity—the only oxygenator with graduated fiber winding technique for optimized bundle efficiency and manufacturing consistency. Pre-membrane Access Port • Engineered to facilitate easy prime • rovides ability to measure P pre-membrane pressure • ffers option for O hemoconcentrator access Exact Alignment of Potting Material • esigned to prevent air from being trapped D above recirculation port for easy prime Proprietary Graduated Fiber Bundle Density...

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Versatile Cardiotomy Turret • 3/8" and 1/4" filtered ports for priming ease • Multiple filtered luer ports • ardiotomy ports on rotating turret C • Rotating turret easily clears manifold Optimum Operating Levels • Maximum capacity of 4000 ml for maximum patient versatility • ow minimum operating level of 200 ml L • esigned for excellent low-level visualization D with color-coded volume measurements and low-level warning label Excellent Air Handling Capabilities • eparate venous and cardiotomy inlets S • esigned to prevent blood contact D with defoamer unless foam is present • inal screen...

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Totally Clear Design for Unobstructed Visibility of Blood, Gas and Water Phases Optimal Visibility Achieved • lear lid and the elimination of C “outer sock” design • Excellent visibility of venous inlet column on the outside of the cardiotomy Vacuum-Assisted Venous Drainage (VAVD) Compatible • negative/positive pressure-relief valve is A built into the lid -150 mm Hg/0-5 mm Hg, which features a special obturator valve cap engineered to ensure valve patency • on-venting caps for ease of set-up for N VAVD procedures (except inlet, outlet, vacuum and recirculation caps) Removable Sampling...

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Heparin biocompatible surfaces offered on Medtronic oxygenation systems mimic critical characteristics of the vascular endothelium. Surface Design for Performance, Carmeda® BioActive Surface and Trillium® Biosurface * Around the world, leading cardiovascular surgery teams adopt biocompatible surfaces as a critical component of comprehensive, multi-modality strategies to achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients undergoing extracorporeal circulation. Warning: A strict anticoagulation protocol should be followed and anticoagulation should be routinely monitored during all...

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Carmeda® BioActive Surface Featuring durable, non-leaching, End Point Attached Heparin, Carmeda* BioActive Surface has the largest body of peer-reviewed clinical and scientific evidence of any biocompatible surface used for cardiopulmonary bypass today. It is an important component of routine as well as complex extracorporeal circulation procedures. Platelet • on-leaching heparin molecules are N covalently bonded onto the surface using an End Point Attachment process • he End Point Attached method T assures that the heparin active binding sites are properly oriented to remain free to...

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Affinity NT Oxygenerator Membrane Type: Microporous Polypropylene Hollow Fibers Membrane Surface Area: 2.5 m2 Static Priming Volume: 270 ml Recommended Blood Flow Rate: 1-7 L/min Maximum Water Side Pressure: 30 psi Arterial Outlet Port: 3/8" Venous Inlet Port: 3/8" Arterial Sample Port: Female Luer Port Access Port: Female Luer Port Recirculation Port: 1/4" Gas Inlet Port: 1/4" Gas Outlet Port: 3/8" Nonbarbed Water Ports: 1/2" Quick Disconnects Oxygenator Product Number Product Description Units/ case Affinity NT® Hollow Fiber Oxygenator (uncoated) Trillium® Affinity NT® Hollow Fiber...

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