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Avalus ™ Bioprosthesis


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PROVEN PLUS. Introducing the Avalus™ Aortic Valve by Medtronic. With more than 40 years of heart valve innovations, we took proven valve design concepts and adapted them for excellent implantability for you and performance for your patients.

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YOU WANT THE VERY BEST FOR YOUR PATIENTS. SO DO WE. We designed the next generation bovine pericardial valve for better overall performance, improved implant experience, and a contemporary design to facilitate future valve-in-valve (ViV). Interior-mounted leaflets minimize damaging contact with the frame — a design platform for long-term durability. AOA™ tissue treatment* to mitigate calcification — over 20 years of clinical use on the Medtronic surgical tissue valve portfolio.1,2 PROVEN Supra-annular design to enhance hemodynamics3 Three laser cut bovine pericardial leaflets matched for...

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Avalus ™ Bioprosthesis - 3

PLUS Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) polymer stent provides strength and flexibility, and offers resistance to permanent deformation. Soft and pliable sewing cuff facilitates needle penetration, suture placement, and valve seating for an improved implant experience Lower valve profile and narrow commissure posts expand ostia clearance and give you more space for knot tying Streamlined valve holder improves visibility in both standard and minimally invasive approaches Simple one-cut release

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Designed to achieve 100% coaptation and minimize central regurgitation. Performance and Lifetime Management for Your Patients Valve dimensions and geometry enable future ViV replacements PEEK base frame impregnated with barium sulfate provides for radiopacity and visibility Polymer frame mitigates the risk of potential metal on metal corrosion with transcatheter stent materials MRI Safe in all MR environments without conditions Flexible support frame with firm base designed to maintain circularity and consistent hemodynamic performance.

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Ordering and Specifications Avalus Valve Order Number Valve Size Internal Orifice Diameter* External Sewing Ring Diameter Valve Profile Height Aortic Protrusion TAD – Tissue Annulus Diameter *Measurement shows stent frame including tissue (2) and stent frame excluding tissue (2a). Accessories Order Number Valve Handle Tray, Accessory, Avalus Avalus™ Bioprosthesis Avalus Sizers References 1. Medtronic Freestyle® Aortic Root Bioprosthesis was first implanted clinically in August 1992. Freestyle Aortic Root Bioprosthesis 15-Year Clinical Compendium. ©2016 Medtronic. 2. Jamieson WR, Riess FC,...

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