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AxiEM ? Electromagnetic Navigation


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AxiEM ? Electromagnetic Navigation - 1

AxiEM™ Electromagnetic Navigation ENABLING PINLESS NEUROSURGICAL PROCEDURES Enable navigated shunt placement procedures Tip track flexible instruments No line of sight interruptions

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AxiEM ? Electromagnetic Navigation - 2

AxiEM™ Neurosurgical Navigation Solutions AxiEM™ Non-invasive Patient Tracker Adheres to the patient’s skin, eliminating the need for a head holder and enabling movement of the patient’s head. Navigational accuracy is maintained. Simple Plug & Play Design The StealthStation® S7® System provides flexibility and procedure breadth with built-in optical and AxiEM tracking technologies. AxiEM™ Navigation Stylet Clinical Evidence for AxiEM™ Navigation Unique, miniaturized coil technology allows accurate tracking of flexible instruments (1.2mm x 23cm). “ e would advocate the use of EM–guided W...

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