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Bio-Medicus® Family - 1

Bio-Medicus Cannulae Family ® Find your ideal.

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Bio-Medicus® Family - 2

Bio-Medicus ® Cannulae Adult Femoral Arterial and Venous Cannulae Pediatric Arterial and Venous Cannulae Percutaneous Cannula Kits Multi-Stage Venous Cannulae Medtronic has set the standard for quality and customer satisfaction for alternative access cardiopulmonary bypass cannulae. Feature Thin wall, polyurethane cannula body Maximizes flow, minimizes pressure drop Flat, wirewound construction Maximizes flexibility, resists kinking Multiple side ports Maximizes flow rates Smooth, tapered lumen Maximizes flow, minimizes turbulence Facilitates visibility and positioning Depth markings...

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Bio-Medicus® Family - 3

Percutaneous Cannula Kits Venous and arterial percutaneous cannula kits include the following components necessary to achieve vascular access for cardiopulmonary bypass: ■■ T hese percutaneous cannula kits are designed to permit easy percutaneous insertion. T he cannulae are ideally suited for direct surgical placement, using the surgeon’s preferred insertion technique. T he thin-wall construction with high inside-to-outside diameter ratios notably improve flow rates; pressure drops are the lowest size-for-size of any cannulae. O ne adult femoral (arterial or venous) cannula with introducer...

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Bio-Medicus® Family - 4

Multi-Stage Venous Cannulae with Percutaneous Kit Depth marks allow the surgeon to visualize the length of the introducer beyond tip of the cannula body 3⁄8 in non-vented connector Tip taper location indicator Positioning the tip of the cannula well into the SVC optimizes drainage of the entire venous circulation by accessing the SVC, atrium and IVC. The extended length introducer with new, smoother transition zone, promotes ease of percutaneous femoral vein cannulation and advancement through tortuous venous anatomy. Important Safety Information Care and caution should be taken to avoid...

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Bio-Medicus® Family - 5

60 cm tip length accommodates femoral insertion of the cannula tip into the SVC with additional side holes distributed through the atrium and IVC Available in 19, 21 and 25 Fr sizes to accommodate different patient size requirements Additional dilator now included to stretch tissue/vessel to approximate the cannula size Cannula depth marks allow the surgeon to visualize the insertion depth of the cannula body Multiple side holes provide additional sites for drainage, improving or maintaining blood flow Elongated taper allows the introducer to dilate the vessel over a longer distance during...

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Bio-Medicus® Family - 6

Adult Cannulae T hese adult cannulae have a long-standing reputation as the alternative access cannulae of choice for use with the Bio-Pump® Centrifugal Blood Pump. T he unique flat wirewound, polyurethane construction of the cannula allows very thin wall construction—thereby maximizing flow rates and cannula flexibility. T he cannula can be inserted percutaneously over a 0.038 in guidewire or under direct visualization. All adult models feature a 3⁄8 in or ½ in connector. Venous Pressure Drop vs. Flow 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 Flow rate (L/min of water) at room temperature Venous Adult Femoral...

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Bio-Medicus® Family - 7

Pediatric Cannulae T hese pediatric cannulae are for use in pediatric patients requiring alternative access for cardiopulmonary bypass. T he cannulae also feature thin wall, flat wirewound polyurethane construction in order to maximize flow rates and flexibility. T he pediatric models feature flexible, round tip plastic introducers that facilitate insertion under direct visualization. All pediatric models feature a ¼ in non-vented connector. Pediatric venous cannulae contain radiographic target at tip. Venous Pressure Drop vs. Flow Pressure loss (mmHg) Pressure loss (mmHg) Pressure Drop vs....

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Bio-Medicus® Family - 8

Important Safety Information Care and caution should be taken to avoid damage to vessels and cardiac tissue during cannulation or other cardiac surgery procedures. For a listing of indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings, please refer to the Instructions for Use. Caution: Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. *Manufactured under license from Carmeda AB, Sweden. Carmeda is a registered trademark of Carmeda AB. Bio-Medicus and Bio-Pump are registered trademarks of Medtronic, Inc. Medtronic...

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