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Cardioplegia Cannulae DELIVERING MYOCARDIAL PROTECTION Find your idea

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What is your ideal cardioplegia strategy? Finding the right cannulae. You’re facing a nearly endless range of procedural scenarios and ever-increasing variability in the operating room, requiring sets of cardioplegia cannulae which offer incredible breadth and depth. More than ever, your cardiovascular team is tasked with delivering a high level of myocardial protection for standard and minimally invasive cases. At Medtronic, we’re working for you, bringing you the tools and technologies that you’ve asked for—find your ideal cardioplegia cannulae today.

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A specific cannulation scheme must be created for each operation.1 Consider all your options. Finding the right cardioplegia scheme. Whether a continuous or intermittment cardioplegia approach, or a cold, warm or normothermic delivery ­your cannulation scheme includes many considerations. By accessing the largest portfolio of cardioplegia cannulae today, your decisions can be based on more options—so you can treat more patients.

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A Variety of Solutions for Your Standard Cases Your standard case is anything but standard—and we know it. Medtronic offers the largest portfolio of cardioplegia cannulae to treat your patients as they present with ever varying disease states and anatomies. DLP® High Flow Coronary Artery Ostial Cannulae Hand-held or clamped placement options allow infusion directly into the coronary arteries. Clinical settings may include, AVR, ascending aortic arch resection or other surgical procedures where the ascending aortic arch is incised. DLP® Silicone RCSP Cannulae with Elongated Manual-Inflate...

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Maximum Protection for Your Minimally Invasive Cases Just because your operation is minimally invasive, doesn’t mean you should provide less protection. Complex MICS procedures and those with anticipated longer cross clamp times do require enhanced myocardial protection.3 Medtronic provides options specifically designed to help you maneuver in your minimally invasive incisions. MiAR™ Cannulae (Minimally Invasive Aortic Root) Notably long, at 12.25 inches—and just right for facilitating placement through a mini-sternotomy or right thoracotomy. The MiAR maintains hemostasis and allows...

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“Simultaneous delivery revealed the most consistent results and the best perfusion of the anterior left ventricle and right ventricle in comparison to antegrade or retrograde routes.”6 DLP® Silicone RCSP Cannulae with Manual-Inflate Cuff Silicone manual-inflate cuffs with pressure monitoring lines feature a smooth cuff for easy placement, or ridged cuff for enhanced retention. Choose from standard sized or elongated for enhanced retention and occlusion of middle cardiac vein. DLP® Silicone RCSP Cannulae with Auto-Inflate Cuff Silicone auto-inflate cuffs offer the convenience of cuff...

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Using retrograde cardioplegia in conjunction with antegrade delivery conserves time and reduces mortality.7,8,9,10 Improve your myocardial Antegrade and retrograde cardioplegia work together protection. to protect the heart in more than one way. 3,7,11 Continuous retrograde cardioplegla is particularly useful for coronary reoperations and provides adequate myocardial protection when combined with antegrade delivery.10 The simultaneous technique of combined cardioplegia keeps the heart decompressed and vented, washes atheroemboli from veins and arteries, and provides uniform myocardial...

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For more information, contact your local Medtronic Cannula Products Representative. U.S. Customer Service: 1-800-328-1357. Some products may not be available in all geographies. Please contact your local Medtronic Cannula Products Representative for product availability outside of the United States. R eferences 1. Balaram, Sandhya K. et al. Minimally invasive perfusion techniques. In: Mongero LB, Beck JR eds. On Bypass: Advanced Perfusion Techniques. Totowa, NJ. Humana Press. 2008:141-170. 2. Bezon E, Barra JA, Mondine P, Karaterki A. Retrograde cold blood cardioplegia. Obliteration of the...

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