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OPENING YOUR BTK OPTIONS Chocolate™* PTA Balloon with Controlled Dilatation POBA is often used to treat BTK lesions; however, POBA has limitations. The Chocolate™* PTA Balloon, the only nitinolcaged balloon with Controlled Dilatation, provides an effective alternative that addresses those limitations. POBA Limitation: To minimize flow-limiting dissections, physicians may undersize; however, this often leads to recoil.1,2 POBA Limitation: As the balloon unwraps, it may catch on the lesion, causing greater torsional stress and dissections.4,5 POBA Limitation: Flow-limiting dissections require bailout stenting,6 limiting future treatment options. Chocolate™* PTA Solution: The cage allows for 1:1 vessel sizing to reduce recoil.3 Chocolate™* PTA Solution: Unique nitinol cage encases the balloon, controlling dilatation and minimizing dissections.6 Chocolate™* PTA Solution: Fewer flow-limiting dissections mean less bailout stenting6 and more options for future treatment. During inflation, the cage causes the balloon to form a series of segmented pillows and grooves along the entire lesion. Balloon is confined to the cage during inflation, preventing dog-boning and protecting healthy tissue. Nitinol cage expands with balloon, protecting the vessel from torsional stresses and minimizing dissections. The pillows apply force to create small dissections that are necessary for effective dilatation. The grooves relieve the stress and stop dissections from propa

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Chocolate™* PTA Balloon ORDERING INFORMATION Product Code Rated burst Pressure (atm) Stone et al: “Improved Procedural Results of Coronary Angioplasty With Intravascular Ultrasound-Guided Balloon Sizing”, Circulation. 1997;95:2044-2052. Sing et al: “AngioSculpt Scoring Balloon catheter: an atherotomy device for coronary and peripheral interventions”, 2010; Interv. Cardiol. (2010) 2(4), 469-478. IFU - Catheter Insertion and Dilatation (Step 5) P. Sirignano et al.: Early Experience with a New Concept of Angioplasty Nitinol-Constrained Balloon Catheter (Chocolate) In Severely Claudicant...

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