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CROSS YOUR WAY Medtronic offers a robust crossing portfolio toolkit to help you confidently navigate tortuous vasculature and cross complex lesions. No matter your preferred crossing method, Medtronic offers clinical solutions both above and below the knee. SUPPORT CATHETERS GUIDEWIRES CROSSING CATHETERS RE-ENTRY DEVICES

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Your Guide to Flexible Solutions The Medtronic family of guidewires offers various levels of support and flexibility to meet your clinical needs. The Nitrex™ guidewires provide tailored access solutions in navigating tortuous anatomy and crossing challenging lesions. Nitinol Core: Silicone Coating: Outstanding flexibilty Ideal tactile feel Durable kink resistance Smooth deliverability Radiopaque tip Optimal steerability Guidewire System The Wholey™ guidewire system assists in placement and exchange of interventional devices in the vasculature. Stainless Steel Coil: Optimal strength and...

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SUPPORT CATHETERS Crossability, Visibility, Choice The TrailBlazer™ support catheter family, available in straight and angled tips, delivers reliable pushability and visibility. Support Catheter Angled Support Catheter Non-Braided Catheter: Braided Catheter: Hydrophilic Coating on Distal 40 cm: Enhanced trackability for efficient crossing Provides robust pushability to get through tough lesions For smooth tracking through vasculature Translucent Shaft: Three Embedded Marker Bands: Allows visualization within catheter 0.014” and 0.018”angled catheter can be placed through 0.035” catheter for...

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CROSSING CATHETER Finesse At Your Fingertips The Viance™ crossing catheter is designed to efficiently cross chronic total occlusions via the true lumen. Without the need for battery operated or capital equipment, the Viance™ catheter allows the control of crossing to remain all in your hands. Crossing Catheter OTW 0.014” Guidewire Compatible: Allows for above the knee and below the knee crossing Low Profile Atraumatic Tip: Designed for smooth crossing and minimizes risk of perforation Muti-Wire Coiled Shaft: Provides 1:1 torque Fast-spin Torque Handle: Allows for tactile, self-controlled...

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RE-ENTRY DEVICES Control At Your Fingertips The Enteer™ re-entry system provides you with control to reliably target the true lumen from the subintimal channel above or below the knee without the need for capital equipment. Re-entry System OTW 0.014” & 0.018” Guidewire Compatible: Allows for flexibility during your case and minimizes guidewire exchanges With three offerings, the 28° Enteer™ guidewires are designed to find the Enteer™ catheter exit port and re-enter true lumen Flat Shaped Self-orienting Balloon: The Enteer™ catheter’s unique balloon design self-orients towards the true lumen...

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Nitrex™ Guidewire Model no. Wholey™ Guidewire System Tip length Tip Tip (cm) shape angle INT FLOP INT FLOP INT STD FLOP STD INT INT INT Stiffness profile Floppy Floppy Floppy Floppy Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Standard Standard Standard Straight Straight Straight Straight Modified J Modified J Modified J Modified J Straight Straight Straight Straight/ shapeable Nitrex™ sold 3/pkg Specifications Nominal Tip shape: A = angled tip, S = straight tip Tip style: INT = intermediate, STD = standard tip, FLOP = floppy tip Torque device included with 0.014” and 0.018” Nitrex...

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