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Evera MRI™ XT VR SureScan™ DVMB1D4


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Evera MRI™ XT VR SureScan™ DVMB1D4 - 1

SPECIFICATIONS Evera MRI™ XT VR SureScan™ DVMB1D4 Physical characteristics Physical characteristics Volumea Surface area of device can Materials in contact with human tissuec Titanium, polyurethane, silicone rubber Hybrid CFx lithium/silver vanadium oxide Volume with connector ports unplugged. b The radiopaque ID, which includes a Medtronic-identifier symbol, can be viewed in a fluoroscopic image of the device. c These materials have been successfully tested for the ability to avoid biological incompatibility. The device does not produce an injurious temperature in the surrounding tissue during normal operation. a Replacement indicators Recommended Replacement Time (RRT) < 2.73 V on 3 consecutive daily automatic measurements Maximum energy levels and typical full energy charge times Maximum programmed energy Maximum delivered energy Maximum stored energy Typical charge time at Beginning of Service (BOS)d Typical charge time at Recommended Replacement Time (RRT)d Energy delivered at connector block into a 50 Ω load. For 35 J programmed energy, delivered energy exceeds 35 J. Energy stored at charge end on capacitor. d Charge time during a nonwireless telemetry session may be slightly higher. b c • MR Conditional with PhysioCurve™ Design • SmartShock™ 2.0 Technology • OptiVol™ 2.0 Fluid Status Monitoring • Complete Capture M

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Evera MRI™ XT VR SureScan™ DVMB1D4 - 2

Device parameters Ventricular tachyarrhythmia therapy parameters Parameter Tachyarrhythmia detection parameters Parameter Programmable values AX>B; B>AX Rx1-Rx4: B>AX ; Rx5-Rx6: AX>B During Charging ; Before Charging; Off Therapy Type Burst ; Ramp; Ramp+ VF Initial Beats to Detect FVT Interval (Rate)a VT Detection VT Interval (Rate) VF Therapy parameters VF Therapy Status VT Initial Beats to Detect VT Beats to Redetect Programmable values VT Monitor Interval (Rate)a Monitored VT Beats to Detect Switch when number of consecutive ATP successes equals Smart Mode VT/FVT Therapy parameters...

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Evera MRI™ XT VR SureScan™ DVMB1D4 - 3

RV Capture Management™ parameters Ventricular tachyarrhythmia detection parameters, continued Parameter RV Minimum Adapted Amplitude Ramp+ therapy parameters RV Amplitude Safety Margin Programmable values Programmable values RV Acute Phase Remaining Initial # Pulses Blanking periods Programmable values Rate response pacing parameters Smart Mode Shared Settings Programmable values Upper Sensor Rate V-V Minimum ATP Interval V. Amplitude Rate Profile Optimization ms … 450 ms Exertion Response Active Can™/SVC Coilc Activity Threshold Low; Medium Low ; Medium High; High Progressive Episode...

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Evera MRI™ XT VR SureScan™ DVMB1D4 - 4

Post shock pacing parameters Lead/Device integrity alerts Programmable values Post Shock V. Amplitude Post Shock V. Pulse Width Device Tone Alert Urgencya Sleep parameters Parameter Programmable values Sleep Rate Wake Time Programmable values Programmable values Rate Hysteresis Medtronic CareAlert™ parameters RV Lead Noise Enable Lead Impedance Out of Range Device Tone Low; High RV Pacing Impedance Enable RV Defibrillation Impedance Enable SVC Defibrillation Impedance Enableb RV Pacing Impedance Enablec RV Defibrillation Impedance Enablec SVC Defibrillation Impedance Enableb,c RV...

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Evera MRI™ XT VR SureScan™ DVMB1D4 - 5

System test parameters Lead/Device integrity alerts, continued Parameter Alert Enable Programmable values System test parameters Patient Home Monitor Alert Enablec Pacing Threshold Test parameters Test Type This parameter is displayed only if an associated alert has been enabled. If an SVC lead is not implanted, the alert will not sound. c Alerts are programmable and transmittable to a monitor only when Patient Home Monitor is programmed to Yes. b Amplitude; Pulse Width Decrement after Patient Home Monitor Alert Timea Lower Rate Programmable values Shared parameters Parameter Selectable...

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Evera MRI™ XT VR SureScan™ DVMB1D4 - 6

Fixed Burst induction parameters Shared manual ATP therapy parameters Selectable values Selectable values Enabled ; Disabled Minimum Interval Pulse Width Pulse Width Manual Ramp therapy parameters Selectable values Selectable values Enabled ; Disabled Manual Burst therapy parameters Parameter Selectable values Manual Ramp+ therapy parameters Parameter Selectable values AX>B; B>AX If the Active Can/SVC Coil parameter is set to Can Off, the Active Can electrode is not used as part of the high-voltage delivery pathway. If the Active Can/SVC Coil parameter is set to SVC Off, the SVC Coil...

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Evera MRI™ XT VR SureScan™ DVMB1D4 - 7

Brief Statement Evera MRI™ XT VR DVMB1D4 The Evera MRI XT VR SureScan™ ICD is MR Conditional and, as such is designed to allow patients to be safely scanned by an MRI machine when used according to the specified MRI conditions for use. When programmed to On, the MRI SureScan feature allows the patient to be safely scanned while the device continues to provide appropriate pacing. Indications for Use The Evera MRI XT VR SureScan ICD is indicated to provide ventricular antitachycardia pacing and ventricular defibrillation for automated treatment of life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias. A...

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