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EverFlex™ - 1

Simple. Predictable. Precise. EverFlex™ Self-expanding Peripheral Stent with Entrust™ Delivery Syste

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EverFlex™ - 2

Peripheral Stent When you need to stent, trust the precision, strength, and flexibility of the the EverFlex stent.† Everflex Self-expanding Peripheral Stent 1. Spiral cell connection pattern enhances flexibility. 2. Three-wave peak design produces expansion force that resists compression and provides excellent wall apposition. 3. Peak-to-peak connection nodes help to disperse force uniformly among four struts. 4. Tantalum markers enhance visibility for easier, more precise positioning. 5. Flexible design improves fracture resistance and restores vessel patency. Bench test data on file at...

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EverFlex™ - 3

5 F delivery system Low profile may allow for:  Smaller puncture site  Less time applying pressure1  Quicker ambulatory rates2  Reduced vascular access complications3, 4 Triaxial design Gold isolation sheath reduces friction from the system for increased accuracy and more predictable outcomes Redesigned tip Tip attached to outer catheter eliminates risk of tip catching the stent upon removal of delivery system 150 cm catheter length Long catheter allows for an extended reach 0.035 in guidewire compatible Guidewire provides greater support for SFA pro

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EverFlex™ - 4

EverFlex™ Self-expanding Peripheral Stent with Entrust™ Delivery System Catheter Stent dimensions Unconstrained stent diameter (mm) Unconstrained stent length (mm) Size compatibility Sheath/guide compatibility (F) Recommended vessel size (mm) References * EverFlex™ Self-expanding Peripheral Stent. U.S. only. DRG market share data for peripheral self-expanding bare metal stents. 1 Büchler JR, Ribeiro EE, Falcão JL, et al. A randomized trial of 5 versus 7 French guiding catheters for transfemoral percutaneous coronary stent implantation. J Interv Cardiol. February 2008;21(1):50-55. 2...

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