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HEMOSTASIS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Believing in the technology... investing in the future

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The Trusted Standard, From A Company You Trust Medtronic, the world’s leading Why is Hemostasis Management Important for Your Patients? medical technology company and a key participant in blood management for more than a decade, introduces new features on the HMS Plus Hemostasis Management System that provide improved ease of use. The HMS Plus System is a reliable and versatile platform used to perform multiple tests for anticoagulation management. Manufactured by Medtronic, the Hemostasis Management System • Assist in prevention of thrombus formation • Help preserve clotting factors •...

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Benefits of the HMS Plus System Benefits of Improved Hemostasis Management Heparin Dose Response (HDR) Test • Fewer complications associated with excessive blood loss. • Preservation of the coagulation system, resulting in fewer transfusions.2 • Fewer surgical reoperations,3 thus decreasing associated costs. “Retrospective data revealed a marked reduction in the re-exploration rate and post-operative hemorrhage after the introduction of the Hepcon HMS...” 4 Quantitative Heparin Measurement Versus Activated Clotting Times2 Criteria Closure Time Ch 3&4, 1.7 units/mL Heparin Ch 5&6, 0 Heparin...

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Improved Efficiency and Ease of Use The HMS Plus System dispenses the appropriate volume of blood or control material into each cartridge channel. Bar Code Scanner • Saves time by making cartridge and control lot numbers and expiration dates easy to enter • Efficient entry of patient and user ID Quality Control Lyophilized controls are available to verify instrument and cartridge function and to meet regulatory guidelines for testing. Version 4.0 Software • Improvements to the user interface allow for more efficient navigation through the menus • Easy storage and retrieval of results •...

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Ordering Information HMS Plus Test Cartridges and Liquid Controls Disposable cartridges undergo strict manufacturing standards and quality control to provide accurate, dependable performance. Cartridge room temperature and/or refrigerated shelf life are stamped on each box. Heparin Assay Cartridges and Controls Cartridges: Each box contains 9 cartridges with syringes and blunt tip needles Catalog # Heparin Level Control Catalog # Description - (10 vials of control and 10 vials of deionized water for reconstitution) Controls: Each box contains 10 vials of control and deionized water Heparin...

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Support Information System Specifications Customer Support Physical Dimensions: Medtronic is proud of our commitment to customer-focused quality. We have dedicated team members in sales, product services and technical support to assist you and help you identify your product needs. Customer Service For ordering information on instruments, test cartridges and controls, contact your Customer Service Representative or your local Medtronic Product Sales Representative. CardioVascular Service Height: 40 cm (15.75") Depth: 38 cm (15.0") Width: 33 cm (13.0") Weight: 15.47 kg (34.1 lbs.) Serial Data...

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