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Intuition™ - 1

CONFIDENTLY CROSS Advanced Workhorse Guidewire

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Intuition™ - 2

Intuition™ Advanced Workhorse Guidewire ACCU-CORE TECHNOLOGY The Intuition™ guidewire’s torque performance and tip weight give you precision and confidence as you control and direct the wire. ■■ ■■ Improved torque control Designed to provide steerability and control in tortuous anatomy ACCU-CORE TECHNOLOGY OFFERS YOU: Lumen Core wire TORQUE PERFORMANCE Our core wire process is designed to provide torque performance to control and direct the wire. Centered core wire PREVIOUS DESIGN TACTILE FEEL AND CROSSABILITY The rounded tip and body provide control. Lumen Core wire Uncentered core wire...

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Intuition™ - 3

Intuition™ Advanced Workhorse Guidewire A choice of two coatings to meet your needs — Available in Pro/Pel™ silicone coating or Hydro-Track™ hydrophilic coating, for a more lubricious wire without increasing tip stiffness. Ordering Information — Contact your Medtronic sales representative. Product Product Code Length (cm) Coating INTU180HS 180 Hydro-Track™ INTU180SS 180 Pro/Pel™ Intuition™ Guidewire INTU300HS 300 Hydro-Track™ INTU300SS 300 Pro/Pel™ Note: All guidewires are 0.014-in wires and 180-cm wires are DOC™* compatible. Medtronic 3576 Unocal Place Santa Rosa, CA 95403 USA Tel:...

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