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Microstream™ Capnography Clinical Evidence Bibliography


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Microstream™ Capnography Clinical Evidence Bibliography - 1

CLINICAL EVIDENCE BIBLIOGRAPHY Studies showing how capnography monitoring can help patients

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Microstream™ Capnography Clinical Evidence Bibliography - 2

Capnography monitoring reviewed by independent healthcare researchers Over 250 published sources verify the effectiveness of capnography monitoring to help clinicians identify and mitigate respiratory compromise. Microstream™ capnography technology is engineered to provide you comprehensive continuous monitoring that: Is engineered for accuracy ∙ ∙ Helps improve patient safety ∙ Enhances efficiency We are dedicated to ensuring that our monitoring solutions have been tested and reviewed not only internally, but also by independent, objective healthcare researchers. The studies in this...

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Microstream™ Capnography Clinical Evidence Bibliography - 3

The winds of change – progress in the implementation of universal capnography Harrison JM, Gilchrist PT, Corovic T, Bogetti C, Song Y and Ditto B Respiratory and hemodynamic contributions to emotion-related vasovagal reactions. Hawkes G, Finn D, Kenosi M, Livingstone V, O’Toole J, Boylan G, O’Halloran K, Ryan C and Dempsey E A randomised controlled trial of quantitative versus qualitative end tidal CO2 detection during facemask ventilation of preterm infants in the delivery room. European Journal of Pediatrics. 2016; 175 (1):1492. Hawkes GA, Kenosi M, Finn D, O’Toole JM, O’Halloran KD,...

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Microstream™ Capnography Clinical Evidence Bibliography - 4

Adams L, Butas S and Spurlock D, Jr. Capnography (ETCO2), respiratory depression, and nursing interventions in moderately sedated adults undergoing transesophageal echocardiography (tee) Ebert TJ, Novalija J, Uhrich TD and Barney JA. The effectiveness of oxygen delivery and reliability of carbon dioxide waveforms: A crossover comparison of 4 nasal cannulae Garah J, Adiv OE, Rosen I and Shaoul R. The value of Integrated Pulmonary Index (IPI) monitoring during endoscopies in children J Clin Monit Comput. 2015; 29 (6): 773-8. Hirofumi Y, Takahiro H, Fumitaka T, Toshihisa K, Hiroyuki S, Ritsuko...

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Microstream™ Capnography Clinical Evidence Bibliography - 5

Reverter E, Blasi A, Abraldes JG, Martinez-Palli G, Seijo S, Turon F, Berzigotti A, Balust J, Bosch J and Garcia-Pagan JC. Impact of deep sedation on the accuracy of hepatic and portal venous pressure measurements in patients with cirrhosis Pulmonary embolism in Bradford, UK: Role of end-tidal CO2 as a screening tool Rognas L, Hansen TM, Kirkegaard H and Tonnesen E. Predicting the lack of rosc during pre-hospital cpr: Should an end-tidal CO2 of 1.3 kPa be used as a cut-off value? Stocki D, Matot I, Einav S, Eventov-Friedman S, Ginosar Y and Weiniger CF. A randomized controlled trial of the...

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Microstream™ Capnography Clinical Evidence Bibliography - 6

Slagelse C, Vilmann P, Hornslet P, Jorgensen HL and Horsted TI. The role of capnography in endoscopy patients undergoing nurseadministered propofol sedation: A randomized study End tidal carbon dioxide is as reliable as transcutaneous monitoring in ventilated postsurgical neonates Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed. 2013; 98 (2): F161-4. Use of microstream capnography in high frequency percussion ventilation. Intensive Care Medicine. 2013; 39 S198-S199. Watson SE, Li Z, Tu W, Jalou H, Brubaker JL, Gupta S, Huber JN, Carroll A and Hannon TS. Obstructive sleep apnoea in obese adolescents and...

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Microstream™ Capnography Clinical Evidence Bibliography - 7

Accuracy of end-tidal CO2 measurements via nose and pharynx in nonintubated patients during digital subtraction cerebral angiography European Journal of Anaesthesiology. 2012; 29 (Suppl 50):39. Whitesell PL, Dungan GC, Chaudhary BA, Pearce J and Lain D. A novel marker of sleep disordered breathing: A pilot study of a pulmonary index Sleep. 2012; 35 (Abstract Suppl): A439. Castresana M, Whiddon S, Herrington R, Waller J and Taft A. Prospective comparison of the Integrated Pulmonary Index (IPI) to results from weaning evaluations in cardiac surgery patients Colman J, Shalev I, Ronen M,...

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Microstream™ Capnography Clinical Evidence Bibliography - 8

Silvestri S, Ralls GA, Hunter C, Wiepert E and Papa L. Capnography is a reliable method of confirming airway device placement in an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest population Annals of Emergency Medicine. 2011; 58 (4, Supplement): S243-S244. Stocki D, Matot I and Weiniger CF A prospective randomized controlled trial to compare the efficacy and safety of remifentanil iv PCA to epidural PECA in labor analgesia. European Journal of Anaesthesiology. 2011; 28 164165. Suraiya S, Pillar G, Colman J, Shalev I, Ronen M, Weissbrod R and Lain D A pilot evaluation of a novel screening tool for sleep...

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Microstream™ Capnography Clinical Evidence Bibliography - 9

Waugh JB, Vines DL, Gardner DD and Wettstein RB. Integrated Pulmonary Index stability in healthy adults under changing conditions Ansarin K, Niroomand B, Aghamohammadzadeh N, Najafipour F and Niafar M. End tidal CO2 levels in subclinical and overt hypothyroidism are lower than healthy control subjects and the level is not related to thyroid function tests Brothers RM, Wingo JE, Hubing KA and Crandall CG. The effects of reduced end-tidal carbon dioxide tension on cerebral blood flow during heat stress The Integrated Pulmonary Index: Validity, safety and application in the pediatric...

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Microstream™ Capnography Clinical Evidence Bibliography - 10

A comparison of capnographic waveform indices and peak flow meter in the monitoring of asthmatic patients in emergency departments Ab-Rahman NH, Mamat AF, Ahmad R, Noh AY and Jaalam K. A study on the use of nasal capnometry in patients presented with acute breathlessness in the emergency department Capnography in upper gastrointestinal endoscopy with the Oridion Bitebloc Colman J, Cohen J and Lain D. Smart Alarm Respiratory Analysis (SARA™) used in capnography to reduce alarms during spontaneous breathing Deitch K, Chudnofsky CR and Dominici P. The utility of supplemental oxygen during...

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Microstream™ Capnography Clinical Evidence Bibliography - 11

Overdyk FJ, Beeson H, Hunter C, Callura J and Gaines I. Breath to breath variability during deep sedation may be indicative of partial airway obstruction Overdyk FJ, Carter R, Maddox RR, Callura J, Herrin AE and Henriquez C. Continuous oximetry/capnometry monitoring reveals frequent desaturation and bradypnea during patient-controlled analgesia Analysis of environment and population during Microstream™ side stream capnography utilization Waugh JB, Beckett C, Stanley SA, Stalcup TR, Nichols R, Niebel KH and Granger WM. The effect of altitude on end-tidal carbon dioxide measurement using the...

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