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MīRCSP™ Cannulae Minimally invasive retrograde coronary sinus perfusion Find your ideal.

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MiRCSP® Cannulae - 2

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery starts with forward thinking Moving forward to provide advanced options for you and your patients Collaborating forward with over 30 years of cannula innovation and partnership with surgeons to support evolving cannulation techniques Innovating forward with minimally invasive solutions for delivering retrograde cardioplegia

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MiRCSP® Cannulae - 3

Minimally invasive procedures present new opportunities for treating patients with cardiovascular disease. As the world’s largest medical device company, Medtronic strives to facilitate the evolution of cardiac surgery toward the least invasive treatment possible. We’re committed to giving you access to the broadest portfolio of therapy, technology and training resources to help you transition to less invasive procedures patients are requesting today. The MīRCSP™ cannula is intended for use during cardiopulmonary bypass for the delivery of cardioplegia retrograde through the coronary sinus...

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MiRCSP® Cannulae - 4

MICS right thoracotomy Additional care and caution may be necessary due to the unique adaptations required for minimally invasive techniques MīRCSP® helps facilitate place through small th Tip Deflecting Thoracotomy (TDT) models facilitate coronary sinus placement through a right thoracotomy with tip deflection aligned with slide control Visibility Radiopaque bands on both manual- and autoinflate models are located at each end within the balloon and can be visualized by fluoroscopy Maneuverability Tip deflects and can be rotated through 10 mm of sweep range in the deflected position. This...

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MiRCSP® Cannulae - 5

MICS mini-sternotomy ement into the coronary sinus horacic incisions Tip Deflecting (TD) models facilitate placement in the coronary sinus through mini-sternotomy access with tip deflection opposite of slide control Visibility Glass micro-spheres within the preformed auto-inflate balloon enhance visualization to guide placement when using transesophogeal echocardiography Due to limitations of direct visualization during minimally invasive techniques, echocardiographic or fluoroscopic imaging is recommended Maneuverability Tip deflection up to 30 degrees (up to 40 degrees on manual-inflate...

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MiRCSP® Cannulae - 6

The 13 Fr MīRCSP™ manual- and auto-inflate models achieve traditional cardioplegia delivery flow rates1 Auto-Inflate Cannula Manual-Inflate Cannula 200 300 400 FLOW RATE (L/min) of water 200 300 400 FLOW RATE (L/min) of water ordering information Catalog Code French Size Overall Length Tip Deflecting Thoracotomy manual-inflate cuff Tip Deflecting Thoracotomy auto-inflate cuff Tip Deflecting manual-inflate cuff Tip Deflecting auto-inflate cuff 1. Data on file at Medtronic, Inc. For more information, contact your local Medtronic Cannula Products Representative. U.S. Customer Service:...

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